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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Sunday Morning Commentary

(Look at that light!  I'm beginning to feel cheated if I miss the blue of sunrise, the sleepy band of pink across the Eastern sky, the puff of my own hot breath visible in the atmosphere.  It's reason alone to drag myself out of bed every day)
(The sage is shaking thirty green fists at the rains of winter, saying "take that, ya soggy bastard!  I've made it past my rookie year despite a few rocky months of water logged soil!  Kiss my purple stalk!")
(Morning toes.  I finally gave them a good sniff and guess what?  They DO smell a bit like popcorn.  But rather gross dirty popcorn that I have no interest in eating.  But puppy toes?  I could nibble on those all day long.  And speaking of long, look at those legs!  I suspect our supposedly pure-bred boxer is actually part horse)
(I desperately want hens to lay blue eggs for me.  I want the turquoise chicken rather than the golden goose and I'll build her a coop with tufted cushions and circlet of silver.  Yesterday I took myself to the Poultry Fanciers Show - yes.  It most certainly DOES exist - to do my homework and quibble with the fluffy piles of feathers there)
("B" for BC.  It's a small cup for a man who prefers just a cuppa o' coffee.  Always black)
(I tugged the last bag of blueberries out of the freezer this morning, remembering that dusty afternoon in the waning sunlight my sister and I picked buckets full up on the hill.  I miss her.  I miss our days scouring antique shops, our communal meals, our honest talks in my kitchen.  The county feels a bit lonelier now that she's moved away)
(We ate them all)
(I love the feel of slick glaze on fingertips.  I also think it's imperative that the lip of a mug fits like a puzzle piece against your lip.  So much so that I've been known to shop ceramics by discreetly holding cup after cup up to my mouth to check for the best fit, turning down the prettiest mug in a flash if the curve is wrong for these luscious ladies)

Salut my chickadees!
May the rest of your weekend hours treat you well!


Jaime/GirlLovesGloss said...

A glorious morning indeed!
What really got me were the puppy toes though! Nothing better...


Carrie said...

fabulous post - you have really made me smile. thank you x

UmberDove said...

Well a most glorious Sunday to you BOTH!

Indigo Swallow said...

This post leaves me warm, indeedy!
Hope to the heavens you get your blue bird:)

candacemorris said...

Went out to bfast this morning at a great vegan place in Fremont, then to the Ballard Market. Totally thought of you so many times. Come home for a visit, won't you?

Anonymous said...

salute to you too dear one
beautiful sentiments

love and light

Andrea said...

I so love your mornings.

{Your sage is a wee bit pornographic! hehe Sounds a bit Scottish too...}

I think you should write a book {a manual} on how to live...I would be first in line...

I got a huge Chicken book for my birthday. The Silkie and the Frizzles really appeal to my aesthetic...The Polands look like drag queens...I love them all!

Anyway I could go on and on but I won't.
Have a wonderful week Umber.

Abigail Jasmine said...

Sundays are the best! :)
I love waking early to coffee and treking to sit in Church, God's love pumping through & then heading home for a nap with my love! Your pancakes though would make it THAT much better! Yumm!!

Love all of your photography, sister!!
You are beaUtiFULL X

pencilfox said...

sometimes when i don't have the words, i read my cyber galpals' blogs: today you had words for me.
yes, some of my mugs feel *that way* against my lips. as i travel this next week, one of my specially-favourite mugs will travel with me. [smile]

blessings to you on this frosty day.