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Friday, November 23, 2012

While there are pages of pages of lists of gratitude I could give, what I really want to say is how eternally thankful I am for you.
For being here, reading my words, seeing my photos, looking at the work of my hands.
For leaving comments, thoughts, encouragements, and camaraderie.
For telling me your stories, for extending the open hand of friendship to a so-called stranger.
For believing in, for supporting, for patronizing my art, which rides so close to my very soul.
For keeping my little family fed and warm, both in body and heart.

I am thankful.

So thank you my friends.
~ Umber ~


v said...

i am thankful
and grateful
having found beautiful YOU
in this huge web-world...
i would have missed out on a lot of beauty and inspiration if i had not!
thank you kelly for sharing with truly add to the beauty...


Sara said...

I always love your stories and photos. Also, that tea kettle is extra lovely.

bev said...

I agree completely with v. Finding YOU is a gift that enriches my heart.

pencilfox said...

you ain't no so-called stranger any longer.
give me your muffins NOW.


prairiegirl said...

What would my world be without you?
I don't wanna know.
Thank you for letting me tag along in your wildness and wonder.
I have so much fun there.
And it's SO inspiring.

Brandi said...

Thank you, Kelly. It is a joy to read your words, see your photos, wear your work and get glimpses of *you.* I, too, am glad I found you in this world.

Dee said...

Sometimes a post from you changes the scope of my whole day...
How is that for dove wings? {butterfly effect}

When things seem particularly grim I peruse your photos/work...You are inspiration. Light and energy.

So my dear, thank you! {too...}

Jenna said...

Lovely images and words, as always.

As the others have already written so eloquently, I'm endlessly grateful for the space you share here, for the work of your hands, for YOU.

You bring such light to my days. I hope you are finding what you seek, in yours.

Cat said...


nuff said
love and light