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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A very merry December to you too

December has arrived and it came bearing gifts. Not the jingle-jangly, bells and whistles, shiny sequins way that I have come to expect, but softly, with a hush and blanket of snow. Fat snowflakes fell like stardust and covered my city in a pristine cloak of white. They piled up on my cherry blossom tree, giving prophetic new meaning to the December print for my calendar. They formed fluffy shoulder pads on my coat and topped my hat like a crown.

It felt like a new holiday, the true beginning of advent. The city seemed to stop and people came out to see it, laughing (what?), smiling at strangers (seriously?), and celebrating life divine (believe it!).
Even my busy life was put on hold for glittering walks, frosty Manhattans, and communion with friends.

Thank you, December, you are truly the icing on my year.