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Friday, September 26, 2008

Just in case one of you out there in the blogsphere wants to become my secret, wealthy benefactor* these are the boots I'm currently obsessing over (in black, size 10. Hey, I'm tall and I need something to balance on!).

* I have actually met someone who has a "wealthy benefactor," not sure exactly what the situation is (and it sounds so juicy and scandalous) but someone to pay your rent, sport for music lessons and take you out sailing the waters of Canada sounds pretty good (provided the exchange ends there!).*

But until then I'll just have to remain me, sans benefactor, wearing last years (still so fabulous) boots.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Show

Hi friends. So I'm sure you're wondering about that show that I mentioned last week, that I was all up in tangles about. Well it's finally time for a story.

The opening went wonderfully, my work was transported and displayed without event (yeah!), I had great hair (I sent up a special prayer of thanks, 'cause come on, you know how the cooperativeness of your hair can really make or break a fragile mood) and I fell in love with my amazing friends and my extraordinary husband all over again.

These women, these men I have met and grown to love as my family, the most true church I have ever known, all came out to support me. We drank bubbly (yes, with so much class, standing outside sipping straight from the bottle), we talked about my work, but more than anything, they all reminded me of the worth of my artwork and why I paint. I love you guys and as usual, words fail to express my gratitude and joy.

During the opening I was able to share the stories of my work with friends and strangers, to find common ground and explain some of the lessons I have learned from the trees, from solitude and from my paint. This sharing, this exchange of story and learning, is really the purpose of my work and anytime I know the connection has been made with another human I feel blessed beyond words.

A couple of other opportunities have already risen from the opening on Friday night and I feel so positive about my work and the direction it has been taking. So thank you all, for you well wishes, your prayers and energy, your support and your love. You will never know just how much I appreciate you.


A little lovin' from week three of 30 Days of Self.

We like to read.

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We are silly-sweet lovers.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Week Two (keep on keeping on)

Wait, hold on. What day is it? Thursday you say? Where on Earth did the time flutter away from me this week?

Well it is time for a MONTAGE! And who can resist. The 30 Days of Self photos from this week felt like stories to me, full of contemplation, revelation; a cacophony of tears and music and boisterous laughter. I do not know whether it is the continued sharing of daily images or the emotive quality of the photos, but this week I feel like an actor in a silent movie.

1. Shekinah, 2. Semper liber, 3. Day 10 - The Eye-Spyglass, 4. Good morning

1. Poised, 2. fungusamongus, 3. 9/9, 4. day 8 photo 2

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

If you're in town...

... I'm having a show. I think you should come by (although I know this is rather late notice but it all happened so quickly, somewhere in between working on etsy orders, managing a building and trying to get to my studio, I suddenly found myself with an opening this Friday night).

So today I've been writing, but you must know that it has been between small anxiety attacks over mystery people handling my artwork, gathering all my statements and bio's and pricing and story-titles, and just the general artistic fear of gutting your soul and placing it on a platter for strangers to view and judge. Yep, this actually IS the path in life I chose but GOOD LORD can it be frightening.




But you really should come. There will be snacks and the unveiling of my newest work. Like this one.

"Out of My Destiny"
(actually this image was taken at %95 finished, if you want to see the final product, you have to come to the show!)

So you'll be there right?

Friday, September 19th
5:00pm - 9:00pm
"Dreams Come to Me"
Art on the Ridge Gallery
6532 Phinney Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98103

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hello Friendlies.

Just in case you were wondering I have NOT been kidnapped and held for ransom this last week-plus of M.I.A. (although I do appreciate your concern!), but rather, Mr. BC and I have started a new part-time job (if that is what you want to call two people putting in a cumulative total of 90 hours in one week) managing our beautiful old building in exchange for free living. It is and will be a lot of work for the first two weeks, but after that, a great financial situation for us.

Believe me, I've missed myself.

All of that said, the only thing in my "real" life that I've been able to keep up on this past week is the truly amazing 30 Days of Self Group.

Oh my Lord,
You, friends, are amazing.

I though that today (one full week into the self-portrait challenge) I would be able to pick five or six photos with ease to post here but there have been over SEVENTY ridiculously fantastic images. Impossible to pick just a few. But I tried anyways because you really must see these!

Clockwise, from the upper left: The Laundress from Mme. Bookling. Splish Splash from The Noisy Plume. A pedibus usque ad caput from Mr. JW. Day 6 from C.Bradley.

Clockwise from the upper left: SP5 from Sweet Bee. 01 Sept from The Wind Hover. 9/2 from Avenue Fog. Day 1... from Jaccalyn Korv.

An amazing week - we are off to a FIERCE start! Click here to see the rest of the group and keep the film rolling!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Yesterday I felt the restlessness in my soul.
That rootless, anxious feeling when your feet never touch the ground
and your bones feel off, disjointed, floating about
Like they will get more work done without you.

I wanted to throw on my red cape like Vivan
And move with the wind
Hunched under a storm cloud
Voice masked by the rainfall.

To run with the breeze that flows in my bones like marrow.

Today I lost myself in the trees on the high bluffs.
Wading waist deep through the sword ferns
Moss applied like a salve.

The trees lean in
Muting my pounding foot-beats
Trunks gave way to open grasses
Where the crickets purr and whistle

Gulls replace the chickadees
My footsteps lost in the sand.
My toes know my knees, know my spine, know my shoulders,
All pumping in time to my heart.

I feel whole