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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I know that most of us can only handle so many pictures of the ocean/trees/Puget Sound, however I needed to post this one of Brad. Last Friday we took a personal day together (we blew off the gym, our to do lists, his work, housecleaning, and a few others I'm sure) and it was fabulous. The morning was perfect for a little kite flying, both our new one (in pix) and the fighter kites that we constructed ourselves, then promptly destroyed. The tide was higher than I've seen, but still yielded a few good rocks. As the morning progressed, the skies warmed to blue, the turtles came out of the pond, and we indulged in a child-sized burrito at Gorrdito's (and by child-sized I mean the-size-of-a-small-child, "Get in ma belly!").


Mum said...

Okay everybody, he may be Kelly's "sweet cheeks" but, "thatsa my boy!" (And he's even cuter in person!) Nice kite by the way. Wheredya get one of those? And, ohbytheway, you can publish as many Puget Sound pix as you want. I'll never get tired of them. Ummm? What sound does a Puget make anyway?

bina said...

Looks like fun. I'm jeolous. We miss you both.