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Friday, September 25, 2009

I've been busy...

Real Busy.
Watching sunsets busy.
Smelling the grapes and red earth and dusty oak leaves busy.

I've been a hunter-gatherer.
Striding out into the fields [of the back yard]
Colander held steady
Nimble fingers (one for the bucket, two for my face)

I've listen for prey.

And had the tables turned
(a camera lens licked to holy demise by a solid cement brick of puppy love)

I've held long clucks with the ladies of the green.
(they think little of my conversational skill, caring only for corn and strawberry handouts as well as the long ties on my leather sandals)

I've felt the heat of a valley's day on my rooftop, the flash and glare light in my windows.

I've been busy being quiet, watching, waiting for that perfect glow to illuminate the sky just before the fields are plunged into darkness.

And in all my spare time, I've managed to whip a little something up. I laid down my paint brushes and unplugged my sewing machine to spend a week with my family, which roughly translates to "let's play art" which roughly translates to "let's play silversmith" (which in reality was the blind leading the blind with torches and molten silver - AS IN SWEET JESUS THAT WAS AMAZINGLY FUN WHEN I WASN'T CURSING MY LACK OF KNOWLEDGE).

Cherrio sweet friendlies, for the todo list is long and I've vino to fetch!


Brian Wigand said...

Wait... YOU made that ring? That's awesome! Not that I'm surprised that you mustered up your inner silversmith, I was just a little confused.

UmberDove said...

uhmm, YEP! (oops...)

and seriously, it could so become addicting!

Michaela Dawn said...

Are you serious! Did you create that ring too!!!

I am utterly impressed...

and girl, I wonder maybe if you and I have been split at birth?

jordan said...

oh WHAT a great ring!! well done ms super-umber. i love the picture of yourself too-very lovely ;)

UmberDove said...

Thanks lovely Ladies-mine! (I've been shameless showing it off all day!)

Sara said...

that seems like a perfect kind of busy!

The Noisy Plume: said...

WOO HOO!!!!!! FEtching indeed:)

Mum said...

How soon before you come back and play with fire with me?? I miss your rampant and fearless energy!

she said...

look at that chicken! look at that dog! look at that girl :)

you're beautiful and legendary as always, my redwood. i love the wide-eyed observant wonder i see in your eye, always looking skyward.

i miss you and
i am always with you.

Good Girls Studio said...

Is that's your first attempt at silversmithing? It is gooorgeous dahling {read with a high society drawl please :)}! Looks like you've had a very serene busy!

UmberDove said...

Thanks Good Girl! It was my very second attempt (the first being a ring I made out in ol' Idaho a few months back while) but I SO want to smith some more!!