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Monday, January 11, 2010

Good Monday Morning

Well at least I hope it is for you too. Mine came early (earlier if you count all the tossing and turning waiting for the alarm to sing), dark and absolutely dreary out. But when the alarm finally let out its [overly chipper for an alarm if you ask me] bing-bong I neatly leapt out of bed and into my jeans.

Because I'm heading out to play with horses.

Back in a past life in California this was the norm, and honestly, a chunk of my heart and soul has been lost these last few years without them.

I can't wait to come home smelling like a horse.

I hope your Monday is off to just the start you need too, and if not, just pour that second cuppa.


Good Girls Studio said...

giddy up girl friend :) Hope your have a lovely Monday!

Michaela Dawn:Windy Woman said...

I hope your communion with them is absolutely divine!


UmberDove said...

Wow, over here on the West Coast I forget that anyone else is up and on there computer at this time... or maybe that says something about me and my wake-up times...

THANKS LADYS! I'll carry you both in my jacket pocket so you can ride along!

MrsLittleJeans said...

Good morning! We have a cackle of parrots here but I do recall vividly my riding instructor's sayings- you have to sleep in the barn with the horses to be a good rider. And, on the weekends, I did smell like horses. Lovely to be reminded, and hope you kissed and patted those beasts this morning!


emmy d said...

My gloves still smell horsey from riding over the holidays....and savoring it everyday!

Have a glorious time!

Kim said...

Oh! I am envious. ;) Hope you enjoyed your ride!


P.S. LOVE the scent of horses.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Please gallop some for me - I hope your day refills your well and gives you something amazing.

If I could I would send these places to you, too- the places I was this weekend.

If I may be frank, I might be missing them deeply some day very soon - that real pang that happens when we've loved something we cannot still touch.

In adoration,

Emilie said...

As the owner of 4 of the incredible creatures, I hope that you truly enjoyed!

UmberDove said...

MLJ - When I was younger and ALL knees and elbows I would have put my foot down and insisted on sleeping in the barn if my trainer had ever "offered" it like that! Hmm, I still occasionally dream about my very first barn, so I guess that's a bit like sleeping in it...

Emmy - I didn't know you were a rider too, and thank you for the reminder: do not leave your riding gloves on the coffee table again when it's this cold out!

Kim - Isn't it the best? Especially in Summertime when their big soft noses actually smell sun-kissed?

SunnyRising - Oh miss, you sound like you have so much on your plate and on your mind of late. I'm heading back out this morning and will run one extra lap just for you.

Emilie - I swear, horse room is an absolute priority when my BC and I look at property. I WILL HAVE HORSES IN MY OWN BACKYARD ONE OF THESE DAYS!

BC said...

Mission accomplished, Umber reeked of horse....