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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Opening

This is exactly how I felt last night.

And maybe a little of this too.

Both images, photo credit: Mme. Bookling

Venation officially opened last night, and Seattle's art-lovingest types braved the drizzle and tromped out into the slick city streets for the First Thursday Art Walk.

Shiny and Fabulous. (photo credit: Mme. Bookling)

Menfolk, BC and The Saint, holding down the fort, toasting with Scotch.
(photo credit: Mme. Bookling)

One of my favorite art appreciators of the evening.
(photo credit: Mme. Bookling)

The turnout was amazing (and humbling), the response overwhelming, and by the end of the night my cheeks were sore from my perma-grin. But more than anything else, the connections that I was able experience with those who came in to see the work was exhilarating. Watching people read, really read, the individual painting poetry then look, really look, at the artwork is astounding. And then to speak with them, to hear what they see and feel, to explain my own inspiration and influences, to know that the work touches them in some way,
I really just don't have the words.
It's amazing.
But "amazing" still seems to fall short.

But the truth is, I feel incredibly blessed.
And unendingly thankful.
And ridiculously gleeful.

Pre-opening, pre-party, in the quiet, everything just so.

The wall o' smallies.

And Best Mmes to boot.
(photo credit: Mme. Bookling)

To all of you well-wishers and love-senders: I received it ALL and wish (and WISH) that each of you could have been here last night.

I really do.

To see the individual works in the show...

I'm off to do absolutely nothing for at least a whole day
and You
and you
and you
- Umber

p.s. If you happened to be the lovely one who knows something about "T-shirts, and Haiti, and Kerin Rose" - you know who you are - I want you to know that you COMPLETELY made my day. Thank you. From the widest part of my heart.


MrsLittleJeans said...

Wow...what an opening! What an outfit! What superb photography (Merci Mme Bookling), what a delightful art-oriented pouch, such rare manly gentlemen discussing art...I was smiling all along and wish I could be there! Congratulations lovely Dove!


MrsLittleJeans said...

I meant pooch....aawwww

UmberDove said...

Heehee, and I read that at first and thought, ooOOoh, where was the great bag? But YES, that dog was the clincher!

And thank you SO much!!!

Shell (aka Songsmith) said...

Oh, this report was surely as gleeful as the event!

Thank you for your swift post event post - I for one was keen to know how you went from my chair in Canberra, Australia.

Bless you, you talented spirit.

ps. I love the photo of you and Candace - so cute!

Sunny Rising Leather said...




lulu said...

Congrats on the Opening!
It looked beautifully put together... Really wish I could have seen your work (in the flesh!)

Good Girls Studio said...

Woohoooo! Congratulations on your opening! Wish I was there to see it in person...I'll just hang out with Frank the Finch & pretend ;)

You have a little award awaiting you in my neck of the woods once you relax a bit & catch your breath!

Snail said...

looks like a blast! Thanks for sharing the pictures, you looked lovely. I want a ' wall of smallies' in my apt! :)

RosyRevolver said...

looks like an amazing time . . . so wish I could have been there. The photos, the art, the clothes, the happiness I can feel from here . . . just beautiful.

congrats, Umber.


Kristina Sostarko said...

Yeeeah! how awesome. I don't have the words either: just really thrilled, and so so so happy for you. xoxo and lots of cheesy grins! K

jordan said...

umber-y - this looked AMAZING. YOU looked amazing. the ART was amazing. huge congratulations, hope it was everything you expected it to be! wish i coulda been there ;)
all the best

Nancy*McKay said...

...that wall o' smallies...& those biggies too...are so BEAUTIFUL to look well as YOU...GORGEOUS YOU...bask in the we warm ourselves in the light of your talent...

THANK YOU Mme. Bookling...your photos made it all come alive...

kerin rose said...

what a most lovely, glowing, exciting evening for you, Ms.Dove! Hoping this venue brings scores of admirers, now that they know where to find you!

dottie angel said...

eeek! looks like i missed out on a good night in seattle... i'm actually rather miffed to know that whilst you and your lovely pieces of art were being soaked up by the locals. i was on chauffeur duties for numerous members of my clan...
i'm thinking i need to take a trip into town and come see your lovely works, it's been a while since i've treated myself to a bit of culture.
i'm thinking perhaps that might be very nice indeedy :)

Andewyn Designs said...

Oh it looks like it was incredible!! I'm so happy for you! And the ensemble you wore!!! Love, love love it!

So many exclamation points and it still doesn't seem to be enough~


Glad it was amazing (and beyond)!

UmberDove said...

What I would have given to have all you ladies here! However, we probably would have been far too great a force for these 100 year old buildings to contain what with the exclamations and exuberance and excited-imploding (hmm, that one might have just been me).

Loves and even more!

Brenda McGowan said...

Looks like an amazing show! I will need to make the short jaunt over there to see one of your shows in the future for sure :-). Congrats!

Taddyporter said...

Just look at all that incredible and inspiring work! OH what beauty!! and you two(mme+umber)are just SPLENDID! and your attire ohhhhhhh....well I knew it would be lovely, thank you for posting these sososososo enjoyable shots, a treat for the senses.........

Redbonegirl97 said...

Wow everything looks so beautiful, congrats on the opening!