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Monday, May 17, 2010


Yes. You read that correctly. Thank God It's Monday. I'm ready for a new week in a serious way.

Last week was a roller coaster, a rickety kind like the Giant Dipper that requires a full-time handyman to daily walk the tracks, pounding in nails that have wobbled loose under the weigh of ancient carts and sticky-fingered children. The kind where you climb ever higher, face to the cumulous clouds above, higher than the kites and gulls and errant helium balloons, then with a swift jerk are thrown to the earth, screaming, twisting below swooping tracks, into the abyss. I have vacillated, on the hour, between hope and hopelessness, between confidence and determination and then despair.

It left my stomach reeling. But that was then, and this is now.

New Week
New Thoughts.
New Actions.

(Luck Bowl, from Claylicious, another fabulous Happy 30th gift from my BC)

The "Save The TaTa's 2010" Update:
Last week I hit a bit of a wall with my care tangled up in miles of bureaucratic red tape, caught up in statewide budget cuts that said "I'm sorry, we will not be able to get that paperwork signed for 2-3 more weeks so just sit tight, ok." So I made an appointment with a local alternative medicine doctor (Hey. K. You know who you are. I love you.) who I swear, was sent straight from the heavens down to earth to see me. She helped set me up not only with some non-Western medicine options* and an amazing research resource for natural options, but with a local surgeon who practices HERE IN TOWN, who is nationally esteemed as one of the best breast cancer surgeons in the country (no kidding. The woman was head of staff in breast surgery at Stanford, Ca. until she decided to downscale and open her own practice. Amazing). I have an appointment with her this afternoon to discuss and am crossing my fingers so tightly I've almost lost circulation.

I'm really hopeful. Because this waiting game is no fun.

Sorry for such a drab and informational post! This past weekend I finally finished setting up my studio complete with mosserariums, photographs from my Mme. and a Brother Grim to keep me company. It's time to paint in a bad way. But really in a good way. The best way in fact.


* Strange little fact about me: I'm terribly allergic to pretty much ALL pain medications stronger than tylenol. My system just says no, no pills, please and thank you. I'll be returning those to you shortly along with a whole gauntlet of other fun experiences. That said, when looking down the barrel of a scalpel, I'd like to have some options other than deep breathing. *


mme. bookling said...

friday: talked to you
saturday: angry danced myself into a tizzy
sunday: watched way too many episodes of my new addiction, "True Blood" while nursing my aching hams, feet, and neck.

I AM SO GLAD SHE CALLED BACK and that you have an appointment this're fingers are not the only ones crossed so tight they might fall off.

(p.s. what is that bowl?!)

UmberDove said...

mmmnn, my luck bowl! I almost forgot to pop a little link in the post... it's coming post haste.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Well, I am crossing everything that could possibly be crossed.

I am hoping to have a little something on its way to you before the month is through:

lots of adoration coming your way today.


MrsLittleJeans said...

My gosh...I have to learn lessons from you. First off, I know your angel k, if she were here we would all jump on her and kiss her, right! I did heaps of work and not enough...but managed to squeeze in yoga one day (ouch), farmer's market trip (yeah), started training a friend for kitty watch could say these were close to the top three. My biggest effort has recently been to ward off negativity induced by morons...working at it.

Love the bowl, sending you smiles, best wishes lovely K, and that mme bookling is such a love, you lucky girl!


Snailentina said...

Thank you for such an informational post actually! This weekend I thought, hmmm that Umber Dove sure has been quiet. I'm glad there's some good news up in there :-)

Weekend Top 3:
- Celebrated 4th wedding anniversary with the husband with a day in the beautiful Poconos.
- Ate the best rhubarb crumble ever
- Found Annie Proulx's Close Range for 25 cents at a flea market.

Ps: I love those bowls, in my Etsy favorites for a while now.

Anonymous said...

shared a meal with friends

love and light

emmy d said...

Glad to hear some positive options opening up for you! My friend is getting ready to do a breast cancer run (oh yea and I did too!) and have been thinking about you a lot!

~cuddled with the boy
~went to Preakness
~made lime-tequila jello shots.

Combine all 3, add 2 days of sun and lots of smiles. Shake. Serve. Enjoy the bliss.

UmberDove said...

Allison - you are so lovely that I'm writing you elsewhere right now...

"ward off negativity induced by morons" snicker snicker snicker... MLJ, you make me laugh always. Do you have avocados at your farmer's market? I might be insanely jealous...

Snailentina - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! boomshacalaca baby! That sounds like a kickin' weekend indeed! (p.s. I love my bowl. You should pick up the other one in her shop PRONTO!)

Cat - did we just share a weekend? I've obsessed out in my garden, sometimes 2-3 times a day just checking in on the radishes.

UmberDove said...

Emmy - run girl run! And my last jello shots were in the back of limo somewhere in San Francisco with the bass turned up high... I don't remember where. ;)

BC said...

1. Slept in!
2. Cleaned that mess of a garage.
3. Propped a shoulder up for strength.

Lizzy Derksen said...

1 - getting married
2 - having a party
3 - hugging my mother in law

Good Girls Studio said...

*Bowled with Friends
*Prayed my heart out & saw them immediately answered
* Thai green curry tofu :)

Crossing fingers & sending up prayers for you!

UmberDove said...

BC - yes you did, yes you did.

Lizzy - WHAT? EEEKKKK! Congrats on the deed! Talk about a weekend! That totally tops my "planted bush beans" item!

GGS - bowl, pray, curry, not bad, not bad at all my sister.

Shell (aka Songsmith) said...

1. Painted my sister in law's lounge room as a surprise sort of make-over.
2. Missed my friend who was both in Singapore and Manila (on the same weekend)
3. Prayed for you.

Sara said...

Crossed crossed crossed little fingers!
Seriously - still sending you lots of healing and strength through the virtuals.
Here be the weekend:
1. Painted for pure fun without a plan on paper bags.
2. Tasted incredible cheeses at the Pike Place Market Cheese Festival.
3. Spring cleaned my studio which felt good - really really good!

Melissa said...

1) Missed John (absence makes the heart grow fonder so I'm counting this as a plus)

2) Painted furniture obnoxious colors

3) Made Italian margaritas

I'm glad to see you posting :)

olivefarm said...

* Had awesome Thai beef salad at a friends bday
* Spent time with my Mother in law
* Saw Russell Peters live (h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s.!)

*crossed fingers*

jordan said...

this weekend:
-nice supper at my in-laws friday
-spent most of Sunday planning and building my front gardens
-spent all of monday with my sweetheart...and found out some VERY exciting news!

glad things are on the move with your treatment plans - i'm looking forward to hearing how it all pans out.

Taddyporter said...

Hello to you dear Umber dovely, oh doesn't it feel greatly reassuring to find a health practitioner you believe in? I love my Naturopathic MD so much, so beautiful to find someone who really sees you AND listens. thinking of you sosososo often and sending energy and prayers on a lilac scented gust....

well, I took care of an injured and orphaned baby bird(and still am)
ran through the forest inhaling deeply
sowed periwinkle and apricot-hued pansies with wild abandon throughout our garden

and hey the bowl is gorgeous and mmm bananas, nauture's perfect food(as long as they are not too ripe ew)

Kathleen said...

The weekend seems so far away...

1. planted my herb garden
2. worked in the backyard
3. sat around a fire in the pit Sunday night and enjoyed it while we ate graham crackers with Umber's fab raspberry jam!