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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One down, Seven to go...

Hello all you wild things and thingettes!

wind hair

I'd like to check in, give you the report, pass the dirt, but at the moment I'm feeling rather deliriously tired.  My life, like many two year olds, is consisting largely of toast, naps and True Blood.  Ok, maybe not like most two year olds (what with the vamp drama).  But today I feel more like myself than I have in the last week; I've eaten two (count 'em TWO) whole meals AND managed a beach excursion.  Because we all know the only thing better than fresh air is beach air.  Plus I filled a very large sack with the roundiest, flatiest, most satisfying stones that are now neatly stacked and awaiting the dash of my paint brush.


But for now, I think my fingers are beginning to stutter and my eyelids are no longer cooperating.  Actually I'm not even sure what I typed just above these photos so I do hope it was decipherable, or at least somewhat sane.  Sleepy brain has a way of slipping in random comments about ridiculous things like Walker Texas Ranger and how to grow snap peas from pool cues without my knowledge.
I'll see you on the other side.



Sunny Rising Leather said...

You are so adored :)
Something from my studio will find you next week, leaving me on Wednesday.

Soft Pillows,

Cassie said...

So great to hear that you are recooperating well! The beach always rejuvinates, too! xo

resolute twig said...

I am so so glad to hear you are rejuvinating.
More healing vibes are coming your way... :)

Anonymous said...

Happy thoughts, hey. Glad you are resolutely putting each foot in front of the other. You are brilliant, hey :)

MrsLittleJeans said...

Great seeing you...lovely Allison said all the right words. Now, I think beach air makes one sleepy because of its chemical composition...I don't really know though. xoxo

Look forward to seeing the adorned pebbles.

Melissa said...

I love you a little bit more knowing you like Trueblood.

Mum said...

Glad you made to the beach, and can't wait to see those stones adorned!!

UmberDove said...

Sunny - You already know I'm barely holding onto the edge of my seat!

Cassie, Twig, Elly - You've vibes and rejuvenations hit the mark AS EVER!

MLJ, Mum - In the studio in three, two one...

Melissa - The WORST part is getting the disks through Netflix where there are only TWO episodes per disk!!! I need to know what's happening to Sookie and not in two days!

Snailentina said...

So good to hear from you lady, the blogosphere misses you! Oh, the beach... I am so jealous...

Melissa said...

Ack, I know! Why only 2 episodes at a time?!?! They must not realize the urgency of this show.

thewindhover said...

Seeing you at the at the shoreside make me so happy