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Friday, July 8, 2011

A slight confession:
I've been home since Monday night.
I've spent a total of 23 minutes on the computer since then.

It's so funny; a week away from the 'webs and I feel so lost on your lives!  What have you done?  What have you seen?  What did you eat to celebrate your independence? 
(I ate approximately one pound of road-side-purchased cherries completely by myself and, in case you were wondering, felt fantastic)

This week we drove inland to a tiny mountain town with rivers rushing and temperatures nearing triple digits.
I remembered how much I love the scent of heat.  How it varies as the thermometer climbs and a bouquet of clay dust, oak leaves, snow melt, blooming blackberries and pastured horses swirls through one's hair.  How the scent lands on one's skin like wild perfume and how driving around in a bikini top makes all the sense in the world.
In other news, as many have asked, the official answer is no, no I have STILL not packed a single box.  And no, the contractor is STILL not finished in our new home.  Blerg.  I'm impatient.  I've measured and remeasured every room, every stick of furniture, I've mentally arranged paintings and house plants and books and wine glasses.  I've sketched out the plans for the yard and it's future raised beds at least four times now.  But more than anything else I'm DESPERATELY ITCHING to set up my new studio.  Did I mention the light pours in the windows like a whole heavenly host belting out Bohemian Rhapsody?  Or that the view East looks out over the river and the low lying mountains beyond?
It's magical.
I'm desperate to be there.

I could use every pair of fingers out there crossed in the hopes that the house really and truly will be ready for us to move in next weekend and that Mr. Contrator will continue to show up every day until then (ehem.  We have learned some valuable life lessons on this one).  It's going to happen but like Veruca Salt, "I want it NOOOOOOW!"

I'm trying.

In the meantime:
Here's to a weekend full of wind in the jowlies!
~ Umber ~


lulu said...

such glorious things!

and kudos for avoiding the screen... If I could, I would!

fingers & toes crossed,

Sierra Keylin Jewelry said...

sounds like a fabu week...except the anticipation of the move in business, I hope things move swiftly for you and you're in that light filled room before you know it!

P.S. That last shot of wind in the jowlies is beyond fantastic...I've got some windy jowl time of my own planned for the morning...but instead of a window my jowls will be flapping from a surfboard!!!

Carrie said...

such joy in this post - I am smiling and daydreaming away. Best photos ever = dogs with their heads out the car window :)

Andewyn Designs said...

Ouch! I know the feeling of waiting on contractors. I can't wait to see photos of the new studio! I'll be setting up a new one also sometime in the near future...apprehension and excitement!

This 4th I took a super long drive on the Natchez Trace starting in the late afternoon and ending when the fireflies were beginning to show themselves.... It was good.

I hope your weekend is the most awesome!



Anonymous said...

fingers crossed!!!

love the images of your time is good to partake of the earth and all her majesty

yes....the thing about
it will all come together, love how you are already planning and re planning your lay out...isn't that fun?

love and light

emmy d said...

BAHAHA I love the last picture. If anything could capture such pure contentment and delight, it is that image.

MrsLittleJeans said...

I just crossed my fingers for you.
Those cheeks : )
Don't be impatient, enjoy more sun.
Thrilled that you will have light pouring into your new place...nothing like light!


ps- i had a burger and neighbor made brownies, just loved it, kept making yummy noises, it was ridiculous

UmberDove said...

Lulu - Thanks miss, I'll take your crossed toes any day of the week!

Sierra - OUPH, I bet you did some flappin'!

Carrie - He's such a riot, that pup. I think I took approximately 40 pictures of him that day JUST with his head out the window. Goof ball!

Andewyn - Ah! New studio for you toooooo! There is NOTHING so fine as the time before you move in and you can imagine everything and anything always in it's perfect and pristine place.

Cat - It was so good; we've been running like mad and a little time out was beyond restorative!

Emmy - I'll let you borrow him: Sancho is the physical embodiment of delight.

MLJ - If you were my neighbor, I'd always keep you in brownies...

Sara said...

Oooh! Hugs and fingers crossed for all things contractor-y going perfect this week. Looks like you are appropriately responding with summertime moments instead of twiddling thumb waiting...

The Noisy Plume said...

Mmmm mmmmm mmmmmmmmm!