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Thursday, August 11, 2011

News Flash

Well the numbers are in and we have two ladies about to get jammy!
Miss Gamebred
Miss Artist in the Arctic
I'll be emailing you both for addys here in just a moment...
Now just to be perfectly clear, I am generally not above being bribed, especially when said bribe contains berries, BUT, not here and not now.  So for your viewing boredom, here are the screen shots from the most random number generator of all.
JUST to be clear.

on to the news flash...
This morning I awoke to this photo in my email inbox.  One of these babies will be coming home with us in approximately eight weeks.  PUPPIES!  I could eat them up with a silver spoon and a dollop of cream!
From the month we first brought Sancho home, BC and I have talked about a second dog.  After loads of research reading and in the flesh (i.e. after falling in love with a couple at the dog park) we decided on a doberman as the perfect companion for us and our boxer.  Last month when I was down in the San Francisco area, I met with a breeder we had talked extensively with online, met his dogs, and generally fell in love.  And then last night, our little girl was born.
I can wait to sniff her toes and nibble on her ears!

~ Umber ~

*A side note, because the subject of buying from a breeder vs. adopting is a very sensitive issue.  We have debated hugely on this issue before settling on both of our pups and both times have come to this conclusion:  There are thousands of animals that desperately need adoption and thousands of irresponsible breeders (too often supported by irresponsible buyers).  We have viewed our choice in this similarly to buying organic and local foods.  We took our time and found breeders who are beyond responsible in their breeding programs (extensive health testing, training, working, showing, etc.) and even further beyond passionate about their dogs and decided that THAT was how we wanted to vote with our dollars.  Supporting people who are doing right by their dogs, those living creatures, who are breeding with love and education, who are care far more about their animals that just making a buck.  These are the people and this is the action we want to support.  And so we will.  Thanks for hearing me out on this one! *


The Noisy Plume said...

The best thing about getting a purebred dog is that you know exactly what you're getting in terms of natural surprises. If you're getting a dog specifically so you can work it, according to those instincts, there's no other way to do it! I have pointers because they're righteously zealous about scenting and pointing an omnivore, I don't believe in buying my meat from grocery stores. I support you and I support professional dog breeders.

Can't wait to meet wee She-dob.

Ann from Montana said...

Congrats to the Jam winners as that gorgeous.

And oh, such beautiful pups!

re pup vs older rescue...I've done both with specific reasons each time...3 out of 4 purebred. It is a PERSONAL decision and this is the U.S. of A. for pete's sakes. We get to choose and we do NOT need to defend our choices.

That said, I DO believe in taking responsibility for our choices as you so obviously have.

Looking forward to meeting the new UmberDove-ette!

Cat said...

am hearen' your side not sister!
good stuff
and congrates!!!

We were contemplating a dobby....hubby grew up with 2 of them...and a great dane...and a pitbull...oh and a couple bouviers....and I think that is it...oh no just asked hubs and he also grew up with a german shepherd and a rotty (they had 5 dogs and 5 cats at one time....on acreage)
anyways back to the story, hubby grew up with them and loved them and I was game, but as we investigated and researched we realized the lab was good for the entire family and we haven't looked back.
I know once the kids leave the nest and when our little princess takes her place in the big dog park in the sky or should I say the big princess cushion in the sky lol, we will look for another large breed dog and I am pretty sure it will be a dobby.

okay now that I have pasted all this amazing information on WTF???? I will say goodbye

love and light

Cat said...

ps our little princess was a rescue,(she had been a show dog and could no longer show as when they bread her she lost all her fur, and showed signs of postpartum depression....she looked like a cancer dog when we first got her) and though we love her dearly she comes with a lot of emotional issues.
but I know she has a good life with us.


The Noisy Plume said...

PS I ditto Ann:

"We get to choose and we do NOT need to defend our choices. "

UmberDove said...

Can I just say this:


Thank you for hearing me on this one! AMEN, right sistahs!?!?!

Melinda said...

Choosing a dog is such a foreign concept to me! Our dogs have always chosen us one way or another, usually street-rescue.

Thanks for talking about selecting responsible breeders! When opting for a purebred, it's such an important topic!

I can't wait to see more pictures of your newest addition. :)

Pat in east TN said...

I had Dobe's for years and absolutely love the breed. They're fantastic dogs! I know have a Boxer and he's simply the best! Over the years I've also mixed in shelter dogs. Each has held a special place in my heart.

You make the decision, you do what you want to do. I'm anxious to meet/hear about your girl in the coming months.

RosyRevolver said...

Whewhoohoooo!! Puppy love. Congrats, mama, on your impending addition.

MrsLittleJeans said...

i had to ignore all that you wrote this time because of the pups' understand? right? xoxo

Snailentina said...
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Snailentina said...

Jam winners I'm jealous but happy for you all!!! As for the pup, I just can't wait to see it. You are a conscious lady Dove, and just taking the time to explain that shows your awareness to other people's sensibilities, but yes... what's right for you, is right for you!

thewindhover said...

now I can't really comment on the dog breeding thing as I readily admit to know nothing on the subject... but I will say - those puppies!! they melt my heart!

Joyful said...

Congrats to the winners and to you on your new pups!