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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Two Short Stories that May or May Not have Anything to do with Each Other

(also, I sometimes sporadically and spontaneously capitalize words)
Today I suckered BC into grocery shopping.  After a decade of marriage, we have fallen into certain household roles and the general category of "food" has my name written all over it.  I do not mind this a bit, but about once a quarter, I coax him into the car, carrying my canvas bags and back up water bottle with a promise of a meal out.
Today it was sushi, and plenty of it.  I must have spicy tuna with too much ginger and he must have hamachi nigiri with lots of wasabi and if a tempura yam roll shows, well so be it!
I think the bargain is a good one.
One of the great loves BC and I share is dinning out.  Some might even call us "whores for eating out" and I would not be able to correct them.  When we first moved out of Seattle and back down to California, to this sparsly populated county on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, with the "biggest city" weighing in at under 30,000 people, we thought our days of eating out would be numbered.
I can now tell you this is not the case.
The last time we went out to breakfast our server, Lilly, finished my order for me (fruit instead of hashbrowns, right?).  Last month, at Pak India, the adorable man who does everything asked if we were models because we were so tall.  He told us he had been wanting to ask for months.  At Big Blue, they ask after Sancho and show us new tattoos.
And I must confess: we love it.
* * *
These tights?  Or, as you may have been thinking, these "incredible, awesome tights?"  They finally showed up and I'm pretty certain I'll be wearing them non-stop this winter.  I ordered them months ago, way back, I do believe, before we moved and before I had adjusted the shipping address on my paypal.  At the time I was not worried, as we had our paperwork in for the postal forward but then some strange glitch in the system took over, and we've been trying to track our mail down for no less than three month.  We heard stories of our mail being held in a mysterious box that made its way through the various post offices in the county, somehow always eluding us.  I could have cared less about our water bill, but these tights!  My hope was starting to wane.  But then, like a blessing when you need it most, a flurry of mail and one rumpled package finally arrived and now my legs are complete.
Thank God.
Life is good, no?


Desiree Fawn said...

Cutie!! Love this post.

Lorelei Eurto said...

LOL laughing at the whores of eating out. we are too. :)
Happy that your tights finally arrived, you are rockin' em!

kerin rose said...

oh , I have to confess, after what seems like a lifetime of eating out ( my Dad was a restaurant it was always WORK!) the way to my heart is to cook for me...nothing fancy, anything will do...but the clink of dishes being done in a commercial kitchen makes me a tad crawly!....:) :)...

..but...those TIGHTS! my next life I shall have long legs so I can rock a pair too!...I can see how they would make your day complete....uh huh!...yes, life is good! xx

lynsey said...

Oh yes the tights are awesome.
We love to eat out too, unfortunatly as students we do this less now, but it makes it even more of a treat when we can do it.

Cat said...

life is indeed good...good good good

here another little story you will like
As you know I received your lovely calendar this week
it lay on the counter by the phone for a couple days before making its way down to it's new studio
second day of it waiting to be taken, it catches my 8 year olds eyes...
(picture a very emphatic,-expressive-ice-blue eyed-strawberry blonde-freckle faced wonder)
"mom did you make this?" mouth wide open as he looks through
"No one of my friends did, she painted it, I just got it yesterday...."
"SHE didn't really paint this did she???????" eyes as big as saucers
"Yup she did....awesome eh?"
...pause for dramatic crescendo.....
"WOW, THIS is REALLY good. SHE is REALLY GOOD eh mom??????" Heart bursting with expression...
"yes son, she is.*smile*"
the end

Love and Light

Cat said...

ps love the tights

Unknown said...

Those are GREAT tights!

Valerie Brown

Andewyn Designs said...

Love the photos, Love Love your hair, and love those tights!

Spicy tuna, yup, I knew we had a lot in common :-)

MrsLittleJeans said...

We too did a lot of eating out but I am putting the kaibosh on eating out (for us)....I don't even know if that is a word or a sentence that makes sense. Truthfully we can only eat out at a few places because the quality is not good and we end up getting annoyed! We have to be rushed.....the disadvantages of living with 10 million people around you!

The tights are you, naturally, and I do believe that some things can make us happy. Yes, life is good, if we let it be. xx

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Life IS good, even better when I get to read your words.


pencilfox said...

there are certain foods i cook well.
salad and salmon are two.
mister pencilfox and i have two favourite places for "dining out" -
snow city cafe'
arctic roadrunner.
both are in the big city of anchorage: 60-something miles south.

and i LOVE tights. regardless of the fact that i am somewhere around 5'4" in height.
yes: even hobbits love sporting colourful leggings.

i love this post.
i love you, dear umberdove.


BC said...

I think technically I would only be a "whore" for eating out if I was being paid to do it. Since I do it for free (or actually PAY to do it) I think that qualifies me as a Slut for eating out.

And yes, I am a Slut for eating out.

emmy d said...

Haha, wonderful! By the way, the calendar arrived safe and sound and I can't wait to put it up on the wall! (I may not wait..)

Even more beautiful than in the photos

UmberDove said...

YEAH! So glad to hear it!!

Amanda said...

Those tights are really cute. In fact, the whole outfit has sass.