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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Simple food is always so beautiful! Happy Lunching!


Ti said...

Fattie fat fat fat...Fattie fat fat...I love mai fattie fat fat...(I'm singing this to you...) Toodaloo loo loo...Mai fattyyyyyy (Fattyyyyyy sung in alto)

Mum said...

Lovely...notice how the spinachies are not touching the carroties and the breadies...I like it.

One Love said...

You just left the Pineland house with your parents. It hasn't hit me yet, because I know I'll see you soon. Too many emotions- I'm shocked, I'm a little sad, I'm SO excited for you guys, I'm hungry for corn =p

"I want to fly like an the like an eagle...let mai spirit carry me...."

Love you Belle on Bellevue...