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Friday, February 16, 2007

So a few weeks ago I spent a little time in the SJ Japanese Friendship Garden, sitting by one of the ponds. I came away with some random lines that managed to turn themselves into a poem. So here it is, for your reading pleasure:

Ten Heads
Two Legs
One wing – outstretched
Waiting for the sun to warm their cold stones.

Moss speaks in color: chartreuse, turquoise, lemon yellow, a touch of ultramarine
Juniper berries answer, plump in blue-grey

The drone of the planes drowns out their voices
The Shinto spirits left long ago
But the Koi remain
Growing older
Growing fatter
(I hope they do not feed them corn, like the salmon bred for our waistlines)

The water flows, like a cool breeze of light
That flickers on the leaves of the magnolia.

Sunlight advances and the damp steams off.
Nine Feet
Eight Heads
Two Feathers Fluffed


Mum said...

Aaahhh, Kel, that's beautiful. Makes me wish I was sitting there this morning. I love you