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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wow, one whole post for the month of March! I was rockin' - or maybe just a bit busy what with moving and all (and not having internet, and then our computer crashing, new SEXY black macbook later, lending out the camera cord, etc, here's my whole sob story of excuses!) But enough of passing the blame, I will try to be back in action!!!
So to kick it off, there needs to be a new list (as I am so fond of lists) that will be:
"Things I already love about Seattle"
1) Tulips and Daffodils - They grow every where up here, poping up in little grassy patches along the street, in parks, in parking lots, like happy little suprises.
2) That days go by without ever getting into our car - so much is within walking distance, and that is what people here do, walk!
3) That flippin' fantastic coffee is just a mere 5 blocks away.
4) The pho house up the street - great pho for under $5, AND they give you banx chou (tasty little cream filled puff pastries).
5) That it rains pretty much every day - its beautiful and cleansing
6) However, when its sunny, its like a huge party - every body is out on the street, all the bars and cafes open their windows/walls/doors, people hang out in parks.


Raspberry Orchid said...

Hi, Love. We are so happy for you guys. You are such the stereotypical artist. Cracked out on coffee, living in the bricks, spending the days in your skylit studio...You corn-bashin', grass-munchin, paint-stained Asian freak! I MISS YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you! Honestly, your list sounds a bit like Arcata...the whole raining all the time, but when it's sunny it's a party =D however, I bet Seattle is way hipper than Arcata. miss ya!