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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Red Post

Summertime in the PNW. This day at the beach did not require a bathing suit, but rather, a hoodie and a hat - nothing like the summer-beach memories of Santa Barbara or even Santa Cruz. No, my beaches now hold an exquisite melancholy, full of beauty and the perfect setting for long contemplative thoughts. This day was grey and drizzly, low 60s, but I just kept finding warmth. The bright colors seemed to jump up from the sandy shore and I made for myself a nest of red to ward off the chill while I sat and watched the waters.


Raspberry Orchid said...

Hien's exact words (just a few seconds ago, in this exact order)as we're checking up on your blog:

"Is that that Andy Goldsworthy stuff? That's some pretty good photography too. Why does black people like chicken and waffles so much?"

Raspberry Orchid said...

Beautiful girl makes beautiful art.