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Friday, August 3, 2007

Studio Days

I find such pleasure in little details. Brushes well used, with clean bristles but colored handles. Perfect little piles of paint, scraped into tidy lumps, each a distinctively different shade. Marks of paint on an otherwise white wall that speak of the history of my work. These things keep me company, encourage me, and entertain me in my studio. They are not inanimate, rather, they are my working companions.


Raspberry Orchid said...

Hey! It's abstracted yin and yang! Like us!

Raspberry Orchid said...

I didn't even recognize those as blobs of paint. I thought they were little pieces of coral and seaweed you had displayed in your studio!

Raspberry Orchid said...

I miss working with you. I miss your white apron it's little green pocket homie.

Raspberry Orchid said...

Dude. Is that a table with holes it in that you can stick your paintbrushes in???? That's sooooo cooool!!!! Aw, sucke sucke nah! I'm thinkin boutcha 'cause I'm starting on a new piece today!!! Check out You should submit a piece! Another excuse to come back and visit!!!! Whaaaaa Hoooooo!!

Raspberry Orchid said...

So I just reread that comment I just posted, and I guess I'm a little excited! Yah! Alright! Hot doggidy dog, nah! Woo Hoo!