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Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Days

Lots going on, lots I tell you. Its been a busy week, but with a fair share of little things that have made me stop and smile. Like this cookie that I was so tempted by, I mean, who doesn't want a pink frosted cookie that promises deliverance?

And this, a sublimely happy package of pillow covers on their way to Illinois, to grace a sofa in someone else's home.

And little vignettes that give gentle suggestion and offer happy thoughts of friends.
Ah, some days I am so aware of how much I love this life.


candacemorris said...

I never get notifications about when you blog, so I just occasionally check it. I love this one...the simplicity, the unique things that make up your perspective, and the elation of being alive. These things make my soul lurch towards all that is umber. :)