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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Workin' Girl

I am in love with Spring. I know it will be fickle, but the last few days have given me fever like none other. Even the kitty boys are soaking it up, taking in all the fresh air and sunny spots they can find.

After a lovely, lazy morning perusing the vendors at the Fremont market, I finally settled in and got back to work on my newest obsession: a line of handcrafted pillows I am selling in my little shop! Which means (drums roll in the distance), the shop o' etsy wonders is open for business! Hooray! Very Excite!

So check it out, tell your friends, and then go pour yourself a big glass of sunshine for me.


candacemorris said...

ooooohhh, hadn't seen the leaves yet. loving it, loving it. when do we get to talk my own pillows, girly?

did that late night espresso also account for the prada dream? you are deliciously free, my spirit.

BC said...

Your pillowcase prowess pwns noobs.

Avenue Fog said...

I am so excited to put you to WORK! And to have the beautiful and talented Kelly help me finish the living room of my dreams!

I can't wait to see your custom creations for us!!