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Friday, April 18, 2008

Eat your Greens!

Its time to eat your greens friends, although you would never guess that with the weather up here in Seattle (SNOW! and 35 degrees! and HAIL bouncing off my windshield as I tried to find tonic for g&t in my fair city). But the clouds up here are fickle, and I know the sun will come peeping through the pink of my cherry blossom tree soon soon. So I am content, I will keep eating my kale and kohlrabi and (shameful imported Mexican) avocados until the sun brings me a new green harvest.


candacemorris said...

lovely photo my friend. i am guessing you didn't have to take seven dozen pictures to get this one...just maybe.

Avenue Fog said...

G&T.... just one of 685,347 reasons I love you to bits!

Up-end a glass or 3 for me :-)

candacemorris said...

the thing you wrote about my home, really poetic. it is the best thing i have read of yours - thank you for gifting me with your rare and precious words.

The Noisy Plume: said...

Oh le sigh!!!!!!

A g&t is my favorite thing everyday at about 5:17PM. I should like to share a few with you and Miss Bright Melancholic some day...what a dream.