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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One there was a girl. She was not made of rainbows and sugar, but of rain clouds and spice. Oh she loved the colors of light bouncing along the waves, the warm sun rosy on her cheeks, the fine powder of white sand, all these things brought her great joy and inspiration. But her soul was made of evergreens and her strength came from the blackest earth between her toes.

That girl had a beautiful trip to Florida, left a piece of her heart there with her kindred spirit and returned with a rejuvenated sense of purpose (and a new painting to begin).

My Ti, forever finding the tiniest bits of wonder.

My toes, forever Barbie doll shades of poppy.

A window, forever finding these little holes through which to see the world.


BC said...

Whoa, a new post!!! Glad you're back from Florida, I missed you. ;)

candacemorris said...

"dude. i can explain." i love that girl.

well, gosh, not only is it a great post, well-written and delightful, the new layout is much more you! kind, gentle, easy on the eyes.

UmberDove said...

ah, thanks! waaaaayyyyyy to much time this morning tinkering with the exact shade of blue, but I'm starting to feel like my life (and business) is taking on some consistency.

Avenue Fog said...

So glad you had a good trip! I need to start planning my trip to see you!