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Thursday, July 31, 2008

True Confessions and other News

Confessions are always the juiciest bits, so I suppose that is where I will begin.

I have been in the pillow making business for about five months now and countless yards of fabric have shaped into cushions with a story, then sent away to homes near and far. In all that time, I STILL have not settled on ones for myself and instead, am shamed by my ancient, rattatail silk pillows. It's not that I don't love the cushions I make, it's quite the opposite. In fact, with each finished piece I say "Now THIS is a pillow! I love this one, I don't want to let go of it. Hhmmm, well, if I love it this much, someone else might also." And then I list it, just to see, and then the vicious cycle starts again.

So when I finished this little set this morning I really debated about even listing it. Then I remembered my dear Emily's comments about color and me (this has much to do with my self-profession to not be a red person, then proceed to pick out cherry colored cabinetry, crimson glassware, vermilion knit throws, and rosy table clothes all while looking through ONE design magazine.) and threw caution to the wind (and listed these babies). I will be making myself some new cushion very soon here, and they will be rich with Turquoise and Cherry Red. So please hold me accountable, for I will show them off here when they are (finally) created.

In other news I am enamored with my new little larkies from Miss Plume. So much so that as I dressed for my run tonight (and stripped off my chunky rings and jingly necklaces) I left my earrings on. And I felt pretty, even three miles in, red-faced and sorta stankie.

This was (clearly) before the red-faced and stankie part.

And a very sincere thank you to all of our anniversary well-wishers. We did NOT manage to dine at Sizzler's BUT I still managed to have an amazing meal of filet mignon, grilled halibut, king crab legs, gin martinis and petite sirah. And then we had dessert (yes, you can feel sorry for me later). It was a fantastic anniversary party but the rest of the details I'll just have to keep between me and Mr. BC.


AvenueFog said...

HA! You're finally coming to terms with the fact that yes, you ARE a "red" person! Red + turquoise = dreamy! I am over the MOON to think I played a bit part in that realization!

I can't wait to see it! And if you want to take a test run on some turquoise and silver, well, you know you'll have someone eager to pick up your castoffs ;-)


mme. bookling said...

aww, no juicy details? DANG IT. you know how i love me some stories about other people's naked romps.

you KNOW i will hold you accountable, but for now...i am thinking those freaking pillows might be PERFECT for MOI!

BC said...

No stories for you! I'm saving those for just me. ;)

The Noisy Plume: said...

Ha haaaaaaaaaaaa....PLEASE keep the matter how hard Mme tries to pry them from your lips:)

Also, it DOES feel great to wear jewelry while running doesn't it?????

Sean said...

I notice the previous post had a pic of you wearing a "save our nature" shirt.

You look a bit Joey Potter-ish.

Don't pretend you guys don't know who she is. The vocab alone would draw a whitty bloger in.