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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmafication Part One

Hi.  I've been a bit delinquent, but honestly, I think some caped crusader came in and stole the entire last week from me.  I remember being busy, and eating some really great cheese, and watching one spectacular sunset while I jogged the ridge of Capitol Hill (my neighborhood here in Seattle), but other than that, I really don't know what happened.

Except that my home has suddenly been Christmafied and every morning I wake to the glorious scent of a fresh fir tree wafting its spicy goodness throughout the house.

An ever wise friend joined in on the decorating fun and pointed out that I should have an entire tree in my home at all times, year-round.  I tend to agree.  It fits my redwood soul and makes these plaster walls feel so much more alive.

I love these mountains.  
The far-reaching marine layer from the Puget Sound wraps its tendrils over the hilltops even in the hight of summer and there is a stillness in the trees that always quiets my heart.

We gratefully accepted our complimentary hot cocoa, and then went back for sneaky seconds, and then took a hot cider for the road.  Scandalous!

And then, I went out for a spot of urban foraging, harvesting two full bags of cedar and fir boughs 
from the surrounding blocks.

Ahhhh, Christmas!  How I love you and all of your scenty, delectable ways!


BC said...

Love the pose in the fist pic. "Look out trees, I'll F you up!"

Little Sparrows Nest said...

This has been enjoyable to read:) I am longing for a christmas tree in the home and bright lights just do not suffice... we have yet to purloin our tree from the Black Hills, been putting it off this year because we have a crawler in the home whom I am sure would be eating quite a bit of pine (although great for when in a pinch and dehydrated while stranded, not appropriate for a 9 mos. old;)

she said...

your tree-cutting stance in the first photo is FIERCE. kinda reminds me of that photo you took of yourself in your studio, getting ready to paint. i'll stand behind a redwood and take the protection her elegant height offers any day.

i also love: that white coat. your hair twisted and pinned up in feminine, girlish and creative knots. your left-handedness with those cutters. you.

[word verification: nulat. HA!]

thewindhover said...

Oh I really do envy you northern hemisphere types with your furry green trees AND your COLD and your thick jackets and scarves. Me on the other hand, dying of heatstroke and living with a bottle of cold water at all times -I think my "greenery" christmas decorations will have to be hydrangeas and gum leaves, and maybe a cactus or two :p But in those photos you really do look like a white pine-tree angel...

The Noisy Plume: said...

I want a Christmas tree.
I want a redwood.

I want you to come and assume the position in photograph my living room, with your arms outstretched...and I'll drape bright lights over you, pop an angel on your head and hang some delicate glass ornaments from your fingertips and ear lobes. We'll even put BC in some nice wrapping paper and nestle him in warm and snug by your roots.

Oh please.

UmberDove said...

Sparrow - hm, I wish I had any sage advice for the little crawler (but maybe some pine is what will put some hair on his chest - or on her head - not sure what is appropriate!). I only have two very naughty kitty boys and I can chase them through the house with a squirt bottle (but something tells me a little kid is kinda different...)

Windy - I never had a TRUE white christmas, with deep snow (growing up as a California gal and all) but I can't imagine hydrangeas and gum trees - you really must come up for a season!

She, Plume - Lady-birds-mine, I will be your tree, fierce stance and all, just so long as I get to hold my favorite ornament (the green German Pickle) in one hand.

MC said...

kelly i love that you're writing and love your writing. and as you know i love you, my favorite artist.