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Friday, December 19, 2008

When One is Officially Snowed In

Seattle has been transformed.  And the city has no idea what to do with itself (we're talking major shutdowns, the entire school system, seventy percent of the public transportation, several bridges) so it has released its residents out to play.

We trekked up to our favorite breakfast haunt along with approximately half the population of Seattle, jostling padded elbows and winking festively under beanies.  I had the Rainbow Rumble (an appropriate name for the hippy veggie dish) and he had the Daily Special.  We laughed with total strangers over snowball fights, chatted with a 3 year old on telemark skies, and cheered on the brave (and by brave I mean foolish) souls who sledded down the steepest street on nothing more than a cardboard box.  

Jovial doesn't even quite cover it.

I've decided that I love the snow.

Like, "if you love it so much, you should marry it."

I think I might take it on as a mister.


AvenueFog said...

Seasonal polygamy... that's hot.

I am so envious right now.

UmberDove said...

"Seasonal Polygamy" - Hahahahahahahahha (just wait 'til Spring comes around shakin' its thing!)!!

BC said...

Dirty Thirties Em!

And yes, the city is beside itself. It is amazing to me the morons that continue to drive in a 2 inch thick layer of ice. "My 1989 Ford LTD can totally handle a 30 degree incline road covered by a sheet of ice!"

AvenueFog said...

Whew - I feel so relieved to have a dirty mind again. I thought I was a goner after the whole "pony pile" cock-up (cock-up... heheheh)

Watching the morons through your big windows is like a Hi-Def, inclined version of "Speedway on Ice!" Sell tickets, serve cocktails, revel in the destruction!

Good Girls Studio said...

So jealous...I miss snow days! You should definitely marry it...if you like the cold shoulder ;)

jordan said...

snow days....see in saskatchewan the ONLY time shit shuts down due to weather is in EXTREME blizzards. and even then things grind to a halt very reluctantly only when people start to get trapped in their cars and have to spend the night in Costco (it happened, don't laugh).
check it out -
it was madness. this happened january 10 last year (2007)

Melissa said...

Brad looks like he's freezing in that first photo!

she said...

look at you with your sporty snow layups in fashionista hat and elegant coat. of course.

Michele said...

I hear ya! We have a snow bank the size of Alaska on our doorstep!

MC said...

love it kelly.