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Thursday, March 5, 2009



mme. bookling said...

the sneaky restaurant shot.
i have great respect for your kind.

mme. bookling said...

lemme guess.
you had the oatmeal.

UmberDove said...

List O' Consumption:

One Big Sur Omelet with chicken sausage, tomatoes and avacado
One small side of fruit
Two pieces of wheat toast with raspberry jam
One sneaky bite of BC's hashbrowns
Approximately 2.5 cups of black coffee

I am a glutton for breakfast.

I don't care either.

jordan said...

oh MAN do i love me some breakfast...lately i've been eating scrambled eggs and buckwheat/sorghum cranberry apricot muffins in the AM. i'm all about large breakfast - it's the only way i can get through the morning without losing my fuzzy mind. i really like the restaurant shot.

Chris said...

mmmm, breakfast! Sounds like a great one there :D

Michele said...

Oh yum!!! I was bad about breakfast because I never had the time BUT now that I am laid off (yup, me too) I have been making it a ritual. My menu has been consisting of 1 cup of tea, fresh strawberries, yogurt and homemade granola and and the occasional farm fresh scrambled egg!

Michaela Dawn said...

'tis always a delight to place one of your finely made items in a treasury.... I am so hoping that one of these days I will have the Etsy commity searching out the treasury lists for the name Skinny Swallow, knowing there are only the best artists displayed.... anytime now Etsy!

Love the photo too Umber, it is always a treat to visit here!

BC said...

I like our semi-tradition of getting out to breakfast early before a flight. Plus, I'm a glutton for breakfast anyways.