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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The sun came out today, and so did I,

The rain has stopped dripping (and so has my nose),

The cherry blossoms fluffed their petals (and I my skirt),

We love the spring,

We love the shine,

We are feeling fine.

(amen, eh?)


BC said...

Bring it on! Love'n the Spring time...

Sara said...

OMG that is so well written and smile inducing!

jordan said...

i always new you were a closet canadian (eh?) hehe

UmberDove said...
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UmberDove said...

awe, thanks Sara!

and Jordan, "hehe eh" to you too (wink wink)

Michaela Dawn said...

What a fine thing to feel the sun... I am pleased you are bright-eyed and revived again!

Also, I so hear you when it comes to the nuance that meaningful objects hold, I enjoyed your story of the tea pot very much, thank you:)