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Friday, March 26, 2010

Rather Unimportant Ramblings

Have you seen Julie and Julia yet? Yes, I am ALWAYS a few years behind on all the good movies, and a decade or so on the random ones. Last night I experienced a terrible sense of pure lowliness as I whipped up a one pot dinner of mac and cheese positively overpowered with steamed veggies and then proceeded to watch pound after pound of delectable butter crafted into beurre blanc sauces and oysters slipped from the half shell and teetering souffl├ęs pulled carefully from the oven. My [previously frozen] green beans shook their little arms with envy and the broccoli was forced to mop its sorrows with the sticky mix of milk and cheese in the bottom of the bowl, which is every bit as sad a story as you can imagine.

BC and I were made to eat well; and watching the parade of French cuisine flashing before our eyes was almost enough to make me throw on some heels and drive into the city for second-dinner (it's been known to happen. As well as the infamous "two restaurants in one night" progression. DECADENT, I KNOW. But there is such magic that happens when dining with certain company and the thought of ending the night without a flourless torte or a hunk of bree and a nightcap feels like pure blasphemy. It's the city in me. My favorite dichotomy of pure urban fabulousness alongside the love of the wild). Thank God I at least had fresh strawberries and dark chocolate to save face while I watched the movie over the tops of my fuzzy green slippers.

Which brings me to the subject of MY NEW-FUTURE GARDEN. I've waited these last few city-licious years to say that phrase. I've always done my best with pots of lettuce and vining cucumbers but for the first time in my adult life, there will be real soil. LET THE ANGELS SING HALLELUIA! My green thumb is ripe for the pickin'. I'm ready to start laying out rows and hoeing it up. All my saved seeds from last Summer's farmer's market bounty are hopping around like Mexican jumping beans at the prospect.

I think I'll start marking it out this weekend. As we're making the first drive down to Ca tomorrow. Yes, as in leaving in 18 hours. Holy. Moly. Here we go, it's officially on.


mme. bookling said...

I love that movie so much it hurts.

Hah, remember our "two restaurant" night that ended at Thomas Street Bistro? Such decadence! (I forgot our first place...was it Chez Gaudy?). Then the other night in Issaquah with TWO restaurants (a bit less decadent with tator tots, but meh)! Oh I'll miss that city-self...but looking forward to the garden as well.

Safe trips.

MrsLittleJeans said...

Holy 18 hours! Nothing like having your very own garden...and I am already looking foward to seeing pictures of you among the rows of veggies and what not! You will need a gardening hat for your cat for sure! Safe trips and fun trips...that's all I have to say!


I will thank you gazillion times for the super hero-cape as soon as you move and send me your squirrel mail address!

UmberDove said...

Gardening Hats for the Cats! Pure Brilliance! And if I plant their very own cat nip, they'll most likely forgive me.

Mme - I think it was The Saint and then Thomas Street. But either way, that was the night I knew we four were a match made in heaven.

Trista Anodei said...

I'm a city-country girl myself. And my husband's a city-country boy. And we found a city-country dwelling right smack in central LA. Go figure.

Excited at your garden prospects. No more frozen green beans for you :)

CrowNology said...

I've done the two restaurants for breakfast in one day...Or breakfast (home) and then second breakfast (buffet)...
Good Luck. Enjoy the trip...

UmberDove said...

Trista - Yes! I'm kissing those frozen beans goodbye and don't let the freezer door hit on the way out!

Andrea! You're my new breakfast hero (which is my favorite meal for out, just so you know). The best/worst I've ever done in that category is an appetizer for breakfast. Not instead of my eggs, but before.

It's amazing I'm not a blueberry.

Abigail Jasmine said...

<3 the out fit lovely!

Michaela Dawn said...

Got your letter, thank you lovely:)
it warmed my heart to know you were digging in the dirt and planting for the future,

thewindhover said...

You look beautiful and sassy-as in that outfit Dove, and I can't wait to see your garden grow... put in some nasturiums for me!

Joyful said...

I did see the movie and it was fantastic. I envy you for getting a new future garden with real soil. I don't have that but I'm fortunate to be able to grow some veggies in my little "patch".

Linny Kenney said...

Hello! I just met Melissa in Parker, AZ and she told me about your blog! I am riding my horse across America right now (just rode into Parker), but when I get home and have a little extra money I will definitely get some of your pieces. Your work is just absolutely beautiful.
I know how you feel about the mac and cheese. I have had my fill of it on this trip as well. It comes in handy though-just add some more butter and you're right there with Julia. ;)

Anonymous said...

I really loved that movie, and oh! Second dinners! Delectable! Love your style, lady :)