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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back on the Horse

1. Well I'm happy to report that I've finally got around to plucking my eyebrows (Dire. Need.). When you have such lush fields of brow to work with it is a feat indeed, and one that can go terribly wrong when the tweezers managed to scurry off into an unlabeled box that may or may not have contained the following: one shoe (not "one pair" but one shoe), a chartreuse planter pot wrapped in a "drink a coke" t-shirt, and a motley crew of beanies. Got to love those final mish-mash boxes.

2. I got a bit nutty with spray paint this week; it's my official drug of choice. I get a crazed look in the eyes, matched by the creepy respirator breathing, and EVERYTHING in sight is in danger of a new paint color. Obsessive compulsive is one way to describe it. The squirrel is next.

3. I'm baking scratch lemon-lime bars this afternoon. Drop on by, I'll serve one up on a wee limey plate, dusted with sugar and a tall glass of sparkling water. You really should taste one.

4. I officially love you all. And I'm really sorry for little miss camera's be-bopping during this high quality filming. She's just terribly excited to be back in use after such a hiatus, so please forgive her groovin' and shakin' (or just join in).


The lemon-lime bars are DELICIOUS. I'll be posting the recipe, as it is my very own version, right here in just a bit (as in, tomorrow).


mme. bookling said...

video not working! damnnnnnn.

love the vignettes of the new space. what is that blue bird thingy? new?

loving you.

UmberDove said...

questionable internet. bah. but i'm working on it!

and mmmnnnn YES the blue birdy was the very first spray paint lover this week (when I found her, she was the most dismal shade of dirty brass. eew.) But now, SHAZAM! Rescued and revived!

p.s. come eat lemon bars.

MrsLittleJeans said...

you MADAME are a sight for our eyes, and as mme discovered already the video no funccione!

My long time from another life landlady was spray paint crazy and every christmas she would spray paint all the bushes outside her house silver. I still don't know how they survived but I had many laughs, so you reminded me of her.

Lemon bars are one of my official faves and I still don't know where they rank in the list but I know they are sure to make a gal feel good.

Good to see you Dove!


emmy d said...

Mmm lovely birdy blue!

I made polenta with mushrooms and you for some lemon bars!!

Snail said...

I love that bird :) Also can someone share a good recipe for the lemon bars?

Joyful said...

good to see you even if the vid is not working. lemon bars sound divine. i send you healing thoughts and happy wishes for a divine weekend ahead.

UmberDove said...

Emmy - uuhmmm, YES. Special Delivery please.

MLJ, Snail, Joyful - I'm [supposed to be] flying about getting ready to jet out for our dinner party but I'll post up the recipe pronto!

lulu said...

yoga, spring rain, tea, lemon-lime bars and dinner party... that's damn near perfect.

UmberDove said...

damn straight lulu. you know what I'm talking about!

olivefarm said...

How much you wanna bet when we finally meet we'll give each other massive hugs and then shyly stammer about before engaging in a 10hr goss sess? haha

If we ever make the trek over, you owe me a lemon bar girl =)


mme. bookling said...

A couple of very important points here (my apologies to your other readers as they are probably less interested in the mundane life details I must speak of, but I am not only an online friend and the adjustment is a bit rough on me. Also, they will probably tire quickly of me bitching of my great loss in you leaving Washington, but I am unconcerned with getting over it and am AGAIN still really aching all over the place).

Now to business:
1. WHAT IS THAT statue over your right shoulder? It looks like a man/lady on a horse? Do tell. (Thank you for the story about the bird...these are things I would have otherwise known, let's not forget...because a)i would have been on that shopping trip with you and snatched something up right under your nose and then have you hate me/love me or b)i would have come over sometime in that week you purchased it and seen it while pouring myself more gin).

2. Great hair day! I haven't seen you since you turned 30 and the little Kelly self just communed with me saying, "What will I look like when I am 30?" to which I replied, "Come over...look at the screen! That's look SO FABULOUS and so pretty. Now go be a child and think naught of anything but the mud on your shoes."

3. The breasts look great too!

4. I was so moved by what you mentioned was revealed to you in yoga today and you KNOW I am on your left shoulder nudging that truth DEEPER and DEEPER.

5. Thanks for the view of the house. Would really love a little house tour if you feel up for it some time.

6. The pictures of your vignettes are reminding me of some great design blogs.

7. What the fuck am I supposed to do with my leftover magazines now that you are not there? I didn't realize how I subconsciously saved them for you. If you would have seen the cover of my subscribers edition to VOGUE, you would have seen the atrocity that SJP is wearing. Also, SATC comes out late next month. What the EFF am I supposed to do?

8) Did the amazon package arrive?

9) Buy a bike helmet and then you can avoid hail to the brain.

mme. bookling said...

i love your lemony-lime bars.

kerin rose said...

Kelly, Si bon de vous voir!...uh huh! vegan lemon-lime bars?....

oxox K

Shell (aka Songsmith) said...

Take care - love to see you talking at me on the 'puter! Love your spirit - be well.


she said...

great to see you, kelly...your hair looks amazing. it seems like i should have something so much more profound to say (and deeper down, i do) but it's all coming out right now in admiration for your tresses. and, it's good to see you smile.

all my love - k.

Snailentina said...

Woo! Finally saw the video --rescuing me from cubicle bore-- and I almost cried over my chai.

And I agree wish She, your hair does look amazing.. I am jealous of that beanie <3

-Candace: I feel for you. BFF withdrawal is no easy thing to go through!

Joel Morris said...

I gave up coffee years ago... no it doesn't get any easier, and the rest of your life you will mourn it's loss.. like a good friend moving away because you weren't cool enough to keep them in Washington.

BC said...

And that is why we moved, because no one was cool enough to hold our interest in WA.

And for the record, I have no successfully broken Umber with coffee twice. It's pretty easy really, I just make a pot and she can have a smidge.

UmberDove said...

hhmmm, apparently my hair should do yoga more often...

Mme: Today = laundry day = letter writing

Kerin: shoot. The lemon bars may count as "loosely vegan" (or not at all). But they were at the request of a sour lovin' man so I had to give in ;)

Joel: You are too cool for school. Which is why you also should move to Cali. And bring me my Candace.


Rachael said...

Such a sweet video :) Keep on rockin on! Your house looks lovely and you look even lovelier.

ps. can't wait for the lemon bar recipe, they sound delish!

Rachael said...

oops ps. again - the color you painted the bird is FABULOUS! I'm looking forward to seeing the squirrel...

UmberDove said...

Rachael: isn't that color SCRUMPTIOUS?!?! I've been trying to get Mr. Squirrel's input but if he doesn't give me some direction soon, he's going to end up looking like a furry little watermelon.

jordan said...

love the video bloggy. i'm lusting after the thought of the lemon bars, i'm a sour lover too - i adore eating whole lemons. they've always been my fave. anyway, you look lovely and i'm so happy you've been feeling the interweb love. and believe me when i tell you, giving up certain things in your diet sucks the big one, but if it makes you feel better physically, it's ALWAYS worth it in the end (coming from a no-gluten, no-dairy girl). Anyway, all the best as always