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Friday, February 18, 2011


Some puppies have hearts filled with mischief.

And have learned they are tall enough to reach the dining table.

(missing pieces have apparently been swallowed into the stomach-pit of doom)


Kathleen said...

Love the look on your face!

ckdowns said...

We had a puppy once that chewed up my new Bible AND my favorite silk scarf that accessorized everything.

Both of which were supposedly "safe" on our bed.

She grew up to be an outstanding dog--legendary in some ways.

Maybe your little guy is on his way to becoming legendary??

DalaHorse said...


Anonymous said...

and they like to eat half the loaf of fresh baked banana bread...very politely I might bite at a time, not pulling the whole loaf down to the floor. No eating it delicately while it sits on the cooling rack.
Then he comes back stair like nothing has happened until mommy goes upstairs with puppy at her side and sees the carnage. All mommy has to do is give the puppy a look and puppy runs down stairs and hides in kennel!
they are just so lucky they are so cute!♥

love and light

Snailentina said...

I hope you are still mailing it just like that :)

kerin rose said...

oh , he just has good taste in art...he he he!

UmberDove said...

Gets away with murder you know! But I think he spoils us SO much with good behavior (seriously CK, he IS on his way to legendary), that we'll let it slide.

And yes, Snailentina, I'm TOTALLY mailing it just like that. ;)

UmberDove said...

p.s. Cat, he was so clearly sharing! What a good pup! SNORT!