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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winners in the Land of Marmal-Milk and Honey

I'm happy to report that lemon marmalade has made its appearance on my plate every day in this last week. Including the last 20 minutes wherein I finally made myself breakfast after waking waaaaaaaay too late and running out the door to my morning radiation appointment without even brushing my hair.  HEE!  (ok, so yes, there has been no hair to brush for months and months, but I had you for a second, didn't I?  Plus, I'm *nearing* full coverage up there, as the stubble is thickening up to a downy soft SHAVED HEAD LOOK.  I'll have my mohawk back in no time!).
Mmmnn... yee haw!
Back to the matter at hand.
Which is lemony goodness and three lucky ladies.

So upon arriving home and filling said belly, I utilized, that old trusty friend and came up with three numbers, leading me to three names, which will ultimately lead me to three packages mailed out with California lovin'.

That said, will commenters 8, 17, and 33 please step forward?  Or if you don't feel like counting,
Andrea of Crownology
Kathleen of Gaia Metal 
(Friends, drop me an email at kclarkstudios[at] with your addys please!)

After reading ALL of your comments, I wished SO very much that I could send every last one of you a jar of liquid gold!  Thank you endlessly for taking the time to enter - you've made these jamming fingers itch for water baths and fruit by the bushel!  So much so, that I do think come summer fruiting season, the giveaways may need to continue...

But for today,
I'm feeling the need to mix paint.
What would you feel about a little sea stone shop update tomorrow, Wednesday the 9th, say around 12:00 pm PST?  Yesterday this jackrabbit sprung from my paintbrushes with a stamp of fuzzy toes and a twitch of elegant ears to join the warren I've been creating.  I truly can not stop.  And truly, I don't want to.
If this jackrabbit full of sight belongs to you, I'd be happy to reserve her - just drop me an Etsy convo right here.

Off to get painty!
- Umber


nancycreations said...

Oh I love the rabbit it's awesome gosh you are so talented. Well my second attempt at your bread is in the oven as I type to your blog, umm the first attempt Daisy ate while it was rising but thankfully upchucked it crazy dog. So I am going to blog on my site this evening so if you get a chance you can check out my loaves they smell fantastic!

UmberDove said...

Oh NO Daisy! HA! Well that must be a testament to how amazing the loaves are smelling - I'd cross my fingers but I have the feeling you don't even need it!

Snailentina said...

I am so incredibly sad to be a loser at this contest! Rejoice you lucky winners...hmmm and maybe, maybe a recipe to that delicious jam would make up for our sad loss? xx

MrsLittleJeans said...

Congratulations to the winners...I know one of the lovely ladies. I am sorry that I did not run for it...that's what I get for being off cyberland...incidentally I love your belt buckle! : ) and xoxo

Andrea~CrowNology~ said...

YAY for me!
I am soooo happy to have anything, especially liquid sun from your lovely hands! Much needed too, as Winter here is holding strong and giving us a 25cm sheet again tonight...{which is WonderfuLL}
Oh Kelly. I can not tell you happy this makes me...
Thank you so much!
{ps. in September when we harvest the tiny apples from my Dads tree I'll make you caramel apple butter and return your jar! ;)}

mme. bookling said...

and Boo.

I'm BANNING your contests from now on. :)

Thank you for saving a small sect of my soul yesterday. I'm glad to hear you had an itch only a painted rabbit could scratch.

Love you fuzzy-head.

Kathleen said...

Thanks so much!

Shooting you an email now!

kathleen xx

firepan54 said...

Oh my! I am so excited and grateful to win some lemony goodness. After 9 unproductive hours at the bench this is very happy news. As soon as I get home I will email my info. Thanks again.
Valerie Brown, known to google as firepan54...

Lizzy Derksen said...

I am terribly glad to hear about your growth of fuzz.

Anonymous said...

love the rabbit
but owl seems to be my name...
you game?

love and light

a mused said...

I'm with Candace on this one... did I get automatically disqualified from your fancy shmansy system?? I even made Jeremy comment to up our Kronbach chances. Oh well, at least I know you like me:)

mme. bookling said...

I think you have really pretty hands.