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Monday, June 6, 2011

BC Bought a New Hat

... and it took me approximately 22 hours to steal it.
(Isn't there something quite fabulous about stealing clothes from your significant other?  Whenever BC is gone I pull out his old sweatshirts and prance around the house in them.  He's always worried that they stink like man, but I think they smell like all the comfort in the world)
At ANY rate, this hat was purchased expressly for an EVENT, said event being my first art show opening in California since moving back last year.  I'm also here to tell you I failed miserably at documenting the affair and instead chatted non-stop while swilling white wine.  However I am quite all right with my prioritization as there is something magical about discussing art, especially in a little spot as charming as Shipwreck (if you are in town, or passing through, the show will be up for the month of June - pop on in!).
(in lieu of loads of fabulous show photos... my barren walls)

So now, this morning, I sit and write to you under Brother Nip who looks like a little lost skull in an expanse of white and scattered nail holes.  What this REALLY says to me is this:

It's time to start packing.
We're Moving

Yes, BC and I have been fairly nomadic for the duration of our marriage, living in more places than can be counted on one hand.  And it's time to pack up once again, evaluate our belongings, and prepare for a new home.
When we first moved back to California, into this house, we thought we'd log more years here than anywhere else before.  However back in February an opportunity arose with a home less than an hour away that we knew we couldn't pass up.
River-front property.
Double sized studio.
One acre of redwood, cedar, birch, maple, cherry blossom, lilac, wild rose, blackberries, salmonberries and more ferns than one could possibly count.

When we first saw it, the house was a wreck.  To be direct, when we left, BC turned to me and said "Please tell me you saw something good because that place looks like a hell-hole."  Luckily I did, and even in it's state of nasty-carpets-that-smelled-like-cat-pee, busted-windows, invasive-weeds-everywhere, and the most hilarious 8-year-old girl graffiti on every wall (the studio to-be had a 7-foot piece in neon pink spray paint that said "smile"), the house felt like it had good bones.  Musty bones that had not seen love in many years, but bones that held a certain sense of peace and inherent happiness, like it had seen joy and heard laughter and was ready for that again.

So now, months later, we're nearing the finish line.  Last week we picked flooring.  We bought a very sexy gas range.  We crossed our fingers tight as the contractor promised (for the umpteenth time) that he would be done and out in under two weeks.  I've measured and laid out the studio on paper to a perfect "T" (or so I think.  Studio tend to be the sort of thing one must work in a while before cozying into every corner).  And now, it's time to pack.

I'm preparing work for one last shop update before the studio is carefully tucked away and I go on work hiatus until we've officially taken new residence.
For now, I'll leave you with the world's smallest sneak peek: our front door in Fireball Orange.
Cheerio Chickadees!
~ Umber ~


pencilfox said...

a new hat AND a new house!
can't wait to see the photos you will share.
leave it to an artist to find the good in a hell-hole. [smile]

Snailentina said...

woot, woot! new home and banging' hat. Am saddened by the lack of photos of the show ha,ha.

Jenni said...

I *love* to steal clothes from my significant other. He has some great stripey socks. And his scarf and jewelry collections are utterly FABULOUS.

First up - best dressed in our house :)

Your new house sounds just wonderful, hope you'll be happy there x

Anonymous said...

now THAT is exciting!

the door is hot hot are you in that hat!

love and light

MrsLittleJeans said...

I don't even need to see the interior...with that door you must be in the right place... xoxoxo

UmberDove said...

Pencilfox: Amen! Here's to seeing what can become!

Snailentina: You know what's funny? As I typed that out this morning I thought of you, and knew you'd be just a little bummed.

Jenni: Seriously! It IS the best.

Cat: Bam baby!

MLJ: I think so, I really do.

resolute twig said...

congrats on the show the hat and the new house!! All three sound divine :)


And love that door!!

Kathleen said...

cannot wait to see what artistic touches you put on the house. the door color is beautiful.

congrats on the house and show!

Sara said...

Oh FUN! Congrats on a new show and super congrats on your new home! Always exciting to start from the "bones" on up. Sounds absolutely lovely - lot of work but that's where the homestead builds. Cheers!

kerin rose said...

Well, me being the supberbly tasteful gal that I am, I would have to leave the " 8 year old girl graffitti" up, if only for a little while....! :)

You make me laugh Madame Umber...alot!

CONGRATS to you and hatless BC on the new nest!

Alice Istanbul said...

Oh my gosh, how exciting. (and PS, I think it's amazing that you can look pretty in even a man's hat) :)

Anonymous said...

Woo! Congratulations on the successful show AND the new house! The tangerine is a gorgeous colour for a front door. Also? That hat is super sexy :)

Carrie said...

so where ever you hang your hat...that's your home :)
Wishing all the very best xx

UmberDove said...

Twig: Thanks doll!

Kathleen: Ouph, me too! I've been planning it out all the way down to which plants where. Can't. Wait.

Sara: Seriously! And there will be projects galore for quite a while here...

Kerin: Every time I saw that piece it made me snicker. Followed closely by another smaller one that said "Sisters. Forever."

Alice: Right?!? Men's hats... they can be so very sass.

Elly: Oh lady, I was so excited to see that color up and rocking after weeks of carrying around a tiny swatch.

Carrie: Snort! But true enough!

Artist in the Arctic said...

You look great in BC's hat!! I giggled at "it only took me 22 hours to steal it" - so true, so true.

I got very excited thinking of your new beautiful place and all the words and images it is going to evoke and how lucky I feel to see it via your lovely blog! ((xo))