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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Very Quick This and That

I know I may have said it before, but I mean it more every time I utter the words:
Thank You.
The women [and men too] who make up this bloggy-world simply never cease to amaze me with their kindness, encouragement, belief and support.

I am in awe.

Like, full rainbow ring around the sun awe.
In other news, today promises to be another day full of hustle (wait.  is it Wednesday? holy... ) so I'm popping in here and bouncing right back out, scruffy jeans, beat-up tennies, and another cup of joe all on the agenda.

Oh!  And in our talks about dog numero dos (ah yes, we're already chatting rather obsessively about growing the pack) we came across this yesterday.  It was the best thing I saw all day.  Thank god for the internet.

See you tomorrow!
~ Umber ~


Snailentina said...

Carrie is just amazing, she can not only dance, but she has style! Ha, ha. Love it. Plus it has been years since I heard "El Baile Del Perrito." Thank you for the laugh attack.

Amy Nicole said...

I love the post card pack! I can't wait to get mine... :-)

MrsLittleJeans said...

these days are all filled with hustle, what is the deal?!!

and dancing dog...ha ha..too funny! Hope you accomplish everything that you have on your agenda : )

Anonymous said...

tis the season to move...
and does Carie know how to move or what???!!!!
Okay that made me smile real big...I like it

another pooch eh?!
love can be addictive

love and light dear Dove

UmberDove said...

Snailentina - I snorted out milk.

Amy - EEK! They're on their way...

MLJ - Uhg. Tell me about it. The good news is that I'm in legwarmers, sipping gin at 7:30 pm, seriously ready to put my feet up for the night.

Cat - Oh yes mam'... that kind of canine love is crazy addictive. Potato chip style.

Puck's Mom said...

That video was Hilarious! Thank you!
And for your viewing pleasure: