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Friday, September 16, 2011

Sketchbook Writings

~ From my Sketchbook Writings, Thursday September 15th ~
It feels like fall.  Like damp soil and goosebumps on forearms and gray cashmere cardigans.
The leaves are falling.  Falling fat and flaxen but if I squint I can pretent they are snow.
I can not break this stare; is it possible to be hypnotized by a season?  To fall utterly and completely under the control of a force as distance and permeating as the orbital path of the earth?
Perhaps when I wake the shiver of bamboo will leave the taste of late season peaches on my tongue.  No.  My senses are confused.  They've been swirled and whipped up through the vortex of birch leaves and tiny gnats, spinning for one last golden second in the remains of summer.
* * *


mme. bookling said...

I got lost the other day in the cluster fuck b/w UVillage and my house (taking the ninja back roads, of course) and I suddenly fell upon a tree lined median and the leaves were gorgeous and I think Fall came and I forgot to notice.

Thanks for reminding me.

Joyful said...

Beautiful :-)

The Village Queen said...

you are such a good photographer. Love queen anns lace. thanks for sharing a little beauty today.

thewindhover said...

your seasonal offerings are joy to my soul...

Cat said...
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Cat said...


love and light