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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Birth of a Day

Pelican Music
Singing in the dawn with words, tea and a lonely stretch of beach
This is the face of a gal who has seen thirty-two years on this earth.  I suppose that also make this a shameless plug for my birthday!  Way to live me!  As has become a birthday tradition, I greeted the dawn solo and silent, with the crash of waves and a rich cacophony of bird song.  In the dark of morning I dressed like the dunes: all shades of olive and navy and salt-soaked driftwood.  But then the sun rose and I found myself on a beach dressed in coral and fire.  One should only ever emulate nature, never compete, because I tell you true, she'll take your breath away every time.

Now I'm home, full up on poached eggs and avocado on toast, ready to spoil myself rotten for the day!  I'm going to have a THIRD cup of coffee, a cookie before noon, and generally indulge myself as I see fit.  If only I had a pony.  That would be perfect.  I'd saddle him up and we'd gallop along the river right into the heart of the redwoods, puppies at our heels, where I'd set up a tent and we'd share a bucket of carrots and oats.  Afterwards I'd don heels and BC would pour a martini as foxes slipped by, owls flashed white in the night and we danced to blues around a camp fire.

I think that could work out quite nicely.

So as I go about my day, I'm curious:  Tell me, if you could celebrate your birthday in any fashion, in any locale, in any activity, what would you do?

I'm off for that cookie.
~ Umber ~


Cathy said...

Oh Kelly! Happy Birthday dear lady! I hope you indulge in the grandest and smallest of ways. Make that lovely husband of yours spoil your rotten.


Sandra Dunn said...

Happy beautiful birthday Ms. Aries!
Like you, I have a spring b-day and I like to be in my wild, spiritual nature spot - amidst the boulders, bison, lakes and flowers of the Wichita Mt. Wildlife Refuge in SW Oklahoma. :)

MrsLittleJeans said...

Happy happy happy BIRTHDAY you beautiful you! xx

veee said...

with my swallow wings ride currents to the Azores...zoom to the tippy top of Pico's volcanic down past the curly ferns and fluffy flowers to finally rest in the center of a very blue hydrangea...ignite my abilities to transform back into a lithe, leggy, lush woman, make my way to the sea and dip my soul into a clear, warm lagoon that makes it's salient way into a cave where sunlight is no stranger...finding my way back to shore i'd pour my love and myself a wine harvested, crushed, and fermented just down the to that yellow house with the orange barn...just where the goats greet you when you walk by...the goats that eat the fallen vineyard wine sipping ensued i would think of you and send you a blessing on a cloud

Beth said...

For my birthday I would either fly off to NYC for the night and visit the Diego Rivera exhibit at MOMA or I would spend the night in a cottage by the sea- gazing at the ocean and writing. Solo adventures balanced by later celebrating with family seem to be the best of both worlds!
Happy birthday, dear girl!

Valerianna said...

Beautiful, birthday tradition. Happy Birthday - and your pony ride into the redwoods sounds enchanting.

A nother cool mug - must say, I do truly have a mug addiction....

Brit said...

happy, happy birthday! and ours are two days apart, which i think is super-cool.
not to be corny, but i have to say that i'd always, ALWAYS spend my bday with my husband, at the beach with a picnic of great food and wine.:)

pencilfox said...

i'm a-wishing for that pony.
for you.
for me.

simply blythe said...

happy 32nd!

joanne said...

Happy Birthday! Lucky you to be so near a beautiful beach - and enjoy spoiling yourself!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! 32 - fantastic, enjoy the year fully!

I'm envious of your closeness to the Pacific... I miss it.

I think I would particularly enjoy spending my birthday "on the road" with my husband. We used to always take vacation in Sept., so this would happen. Unfortunately, we got out of the habit..... need to start that again I think!


UmberDove said...

You are ALL, each and every one, WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for the well wishes - they came across loud and clear and my day was DELIGHTFUL!

- Umber

lynsey said...

A very happy birthday to you dear Umber, I hope it was all you wanted

Jenni said...

Happy Birthday to you! What a beautiful way to start the day.

I had to comment - my 32nd birthday is in just 15 days, and I've been agonising over what to do. I read your post and wondered what on earth I've been doing. I need to be *quiet* and listen inside, and the answer will come.

(Just hope it comes soon if there's a party to organise!)

Jenni x

Candace Morris said...

Gorgeous! But looks chilly! Good thing you had that North Face!

MJ said...

What a fabulous way to start your birthday, and a beautiful vison to what would be a perfect day for me as well. Happy birthday Kelly, what a beaming soul you are...
As for my ideal birthday, waking in a cabin by a misty morning lake surrounded completely by the trees, the green, and the birds. A steaming cup of coffee with oatmeal, nectar, nuts and dried fruit. A horseback ride through the woods absolutely, followed by a hike to a breathtaking view. Time to write, to read, and to dream, and time with my loved ones by the fire, telling stories, listening to music, maybe one day making my own. *sigh*. I am so there right now :).


thewindhover said...

happy happy day dear one; you look so good around ocean, sand and birds in flight.

i celebrated my birthday at the beginning of this month and my favourite moment was alex taking me by the hand into a tanglewoods of white blossoming trees for a kiss and a tight hold.

Mandy said...

Found your blog via MJ at Wander Wonder Discover. Love it and your artwork! Hope that you had a joyous birthday :) - mandy

piggywhistles said...

Happy birthday Kelly. What a beautiful beginning to your day. I struggle with my weight and watch it carefully but on my birthday I allow myself to eat anything I wish.

anika ame said...

Welcome to 32! I'm here too! Love reading about your simple, artful life. Peace and Blessings

anika ame said...

Welcome to 32! I'm here too! Love reading about your simple, artful life.