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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Uhm.... Right

Yeah, this is exactly what it looks like. Sewing machine drama. I tell you truly, there was never an invention that could inspire such emotional upheaval as this. One moment you are nearly cooing with pleasure over a newly finished piece, the next you are eyeing the machine wondering how much you could get from parting it out. Worst of all, its usually (secretly) your own fault (not that I would ever admit to that. Especially publicly. Like on the internet. Oh, wait a minute...)

Ah well, ten minutes later and I was back to a state of delight. The finished pillow, will make its etsy debut in just a few short days, along with some fluffy friends. Soon, soon, I'll let you all know!


BC said...

So, not to be a jerk, but I LAUGHED MY FREAKING ARSE OFF! When she walked into the bedroom carrying the newly finished pillow, but with a strap accidentally sewn into a seem, I couldn't control myself. Ah, such a supportive husband...

candacemorris said...

he he! i am laughing tooooooo.

but, to be honest, the pillow is A DREAM.

more, more, more, more.

Avenue Fog said...

Brad, shame on you! You must never laugh at creative genius! (Or you may get stuck on the couch ;-)

So many people have been loving on my pillows... Stock your store!

And I'm totally going to go for Small Cool 2009. Be prepared - I'm gonna give you tons of props and maybe we can stage some more of your pieces for pics!

I'm sending the child off for a few weeks at the end of June. Perhaps that's a good time to sneak up for a visit. Then the next time she can come.