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Friday, May 30, 2008

Working Girl (part 2)

Today the sun is teasing us with shine and my maple trees are sashaying in the wind. All my projects seem to be floating above like elusive little puffs of ideas, but I am unable to catch any of them. So it must be list time. Here goes.

A few items from my ever revolving list o' life...

1) Get to the studio and finish stretching / gessoing my new canvases - after all, when its time to paint I must be ready.

2) Finish three more pillows for my little etsy shop (oh yeah, did I mention the shop is open for business once again?).

3) Send my sister her birthday gift - better late than never!

4) Print up new pages of paintings for my revamped porfolios - I think they will be fantastic, but I guess the curators I plan on leaving them with will be the ones with the final say!

5) Finalize my outfit for Ladies Night Number 2 - I've got all the elements, just need to make sure its as sassy as I feel.

6) Find a new design book over at Half Price, I am terribly bored with the status quo of our home and have been reading a bit too much of my lovely Emily's blog asa well as sfgirlbybay's amazing blog and must redo SOMETHING!

Ok, I think this has helped already. Time, time, here I go. Wish me luck and creative energy!


Avenue Fog said...

Emily wants you to post pictures of her pretty, pretty pillows in your Etsy shop so that she can sing your praises in feedback!!

Thanks for the link, Honey. Pimping eachothers blogs? It's a good thing!

HUGS to you and BC - and strokes for the kitties!

candace morris said...

ooohhhh. yes. yes yes.