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Thursday, July 31, 2008

More fun than You

That's the kinda fun I'm talking about.

True Confessions and other News

Confessions are always the juiciest bits, so I suppose that is where I will begin.

I have been in the pillow making business for about five months now and countless yards of fabric have shaped into cushions with a story, then sent away to homes near and far. In all that time, I STILL have not settled on ones for myself and instead, am shamed by my ancient, rattatail silk pillows. It's not that I don't love the cushions I make, it's quite the opposite. In fact, with each finished piece I say "Now THIS is a pillow! I love this one, I don't want to let go of it. Hhmmm, well, if I love it this much, someone else might also." And then I list it, just to see, and then the vicious cycle starts again.

So when I finished this little set this morning I really debated about even listing it. Then I remembered my dear Emily's comments about color and me (this has much to do with my self-profession to not be a red person, then proceed to pick out cherry colored cabinetry, crimson glassware, vermilion knit throws, and rosy table clothes all while looking through ONE design magazine.) and threw caution to the wind (and listed these babies). I will be making myself some new cushion very soon here, and they will be rich with Turquoise and Cherry Red. So please hold me accountable, for I will show them off here when they are (finally) created.

In other news I am enamored with my new little larkies from Miss Plume. So much so that as I dressed for my run tonight (and stripped off my chunky rings and jingly necklaces) I left my earrings on. And I felt pretty, even three miles in, red-faced and sorta stankie.

This was (clearly) before the red-faced and stankie part.

And a very sincere thank you to all of our anniversary well-wishers. We did NOT manage to dine at Sizzler's BUT I still managed to have an amazing meal of filet mignon, grilled halibut, king crab legs, gin martinis and petite sirah. And then we had dessert (yes, you can feel sorry for me later). It was a fantastic anniversary party but the rest of the details I'll just have to keep between me and Mr. BC.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Big Manly Love

So I know there are a lot of really great men out there, but I think I may have snapped up the best of them (sorry ladies, I had to lock that down quick). We're talking tall, dark and handsome but so much more than that. I mean, how many men out there would brave public humiliation wearing a chicken mask to try and win their gal some jewels? And when you are sick in bed, down and out, how many men would give up an early anniversary gift just to bring you back to life (oh, how did you know that presents work better than theraflu any day)? That's right, my man (and do I ever love this belt!)

And while we are on the subject of anniversaries, let me tell you, we are approaching the big NUMBER 7 on Monday and I couldn't be happier.

So BC,
Thank you
You have given me so much life
And I will love you forever.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pssssst...check it out!

Well boo to tinsie winsie pictures, but I love when I actually can catch the front page of etsy when I'm on it. (its really very exciting in a silly giddy kinda way) The Giving Tree, in the lower right hand corner, is another (don't act shocked) tree pillow, created the day after CRM read that amazing book to us gals. It makes me get a little teary eyed every time.

And as if I didn't have enough tree influence in my life and my art, I'm heading out to Mt. Rainer for a few days for deep forests, glacial rivers, too many crescent rolls and whiskey from a flask. Its the season my friends, and I just can not camp enough.

(I hope I see a bear, a fox,
a raven, a mountain goat
and a cougar.
Then I would be complete.)

Friday, July 4, 2008

What... Chicken Butt!

Seriously, who hasn't said it? And yep, that's what it is. No other reason for this post than showing you one amazing chicken butt. Miss Pearl the Silkie Chicken wishes you a great Fourth of July.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day number One

... is always the best. I have been thinking about this painting for the last couple weeks, mulling over the concept, thinking about color, envisioning imagery. And then, while I was down in California, I had a break through and knew it was time to start painting.

June 18th, 2008

Last night we drove along the coast,
The moon was full and dewy
and I found my tree.
She looked so prosperous, she was surrounded by so much new growth
Where before, the rock had been cold.
In the water I found the colors I had been searching for
but did not understand
The most brilliant buff coupled with a rich blue-black
One flowing into the other.
Last night the moon taught me how to paint
Watching her full reflection slithering
across black night waves.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Open Up

I'm not going to lie to you friends, I have been "on one." What with the painting and drawings and sewing and throwing-things-about in the beautiful craze of artistic creativity, I almost forgot to slow down long enough to appreciate the things that have been inspiring me.

Until I looked out my window and saw this. I swear that the Divine speaks to me through this tree. Broad leafy green in the Summer, arching, twisting branches in the Fall, dusted with pristine white crystals in the Winter, and heavy with the most exquisite cherry blossoms in the Spring. So I took a deep breath and just stopped.

And then thought I should show you some of the other things that I have taken note of lately. I mentally collect images as I experience them, then file them away along with a memory of what my other senses experienced to be called upon later. So while I could explain just how the wind on the Puget feels on my skin and how the setting sun was still too bright for my unshaded eyes, it may be easier to show you this picture and let you imagine the experience.

This day, a ferry ride and a garden walk with my D, feels summed up in the perfect veins of these huge leaves, the chalky feeling of birch bark, and the musky scent of warm magnolia trees.

So my advice (and I promise, I'll try to follow it too) is to take a second to look around and appreciate what makes you smile. What was the last thing that inspired you?