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Sunday, September 14, 2008

If you're in town...

... I'm having a show. I think you should come by (although I know this is rather late notice but it all happened so quickly, somewhere in between working on etsy orders, managing a building and trying to get to my studio, I suddenly found myself with an opening this Friday night).

So today I've been writing, but you must know that it has been between small anxiety attacks over mystery people handling my artwork, gathering all my statements and bio's and pricing and story-titles, and just the general artistic fear of gutting your soul and placing it on a platter for strangers to view and judge. Yep, this actually IS the path in life I chose but GOOD LORD can it be frightening.




But you really should come. There will be snacks and the unveiling of my newest work. Like this one.

"Out of My Destiny"
(actually this image was taken at %95 finished, if you want to see the final product, you have to come to the show!)

So you'll be there right?

Friday, September 19th
5:00pm - 9:00pm
"Dreams Come to Me"
Art on the Ridge Gallery
6532 Phinney Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98103


John said...

Wish we could be there.... we'll have to attend in spirit. The artistic process is frustrating but also rewarding - may you be rewarded!

Melissa said...


You are opening on my birthday, must be a good sign! I wish you all the peace and calmness that can be mustered.

How I wish I could attend! What better way to spend a birthday. You will be posting more photos though right?

So how large is Out of My Destiny? I'd love to see it up close, beautiful.

BC said...

You are so strong and beautiful. This is going to be amazing.

thewindhover said...

I wish! I wish I could go. If only I had a secret wardrobe to get there via.. one day,

jordan said...

gah...LOVE that painting. fantastic!!! hope you have a great opening...i'd stop by, but saskatoon is a long way from seattle ;). best wishes

UmberDove said...

Thanks you so much lovelies, you have no idea how much your kind words soothe me!

UmberDove said...

Oh and M - "Out of My Destiny" is 32"w x 42"h - a perfect medium size piece if I say so myself.

I will be thinking of you this Friday (and I'll pour a little sparkling out for you).

mme. bookling said...

OF COURSE I will be there.

In other news, I am not working Fridays, so I am available to help you do anything you like.

I will be there with a calm spirit and soul-splayed...two common manifestations occuring post viewing of the work of your hands.

just in case i dont tell you often enough,you stunn me with brilliance.

i am sending out an email.

Melissa said...

Umber -

Mmm... Perfect size...

And I will be thinking of you on Friday as well.

she said...

amazing. thank you for being a beautiful artist who is also humble, and can let people in on the fear that comes with sharing yourself in this way. i find myself staring at this particular painting wanting to know the experiences, conversations, wounds and healing that are part of it.

my best wishes for the terms of different areas of the country sending zephyrs your way, i've got the midwest covered!

AvenueFog said...

Dammit! *sniff* If only I could swing the last-minute tickets :-(

I did send that on to Miss Marianne. Hopefully she can come represent in my stead!

BIG HUGS! I'm beaming with pride for you!


Iscah Mara said...

I suppose I'll move some things around for you.

Hmmm... crimson blood birds. Pieces of your flesh flying into the vast gray nothing? How divine.

The Noisy Plume: said...

U: As per our chat the other day, I am STILL considering zipping over to WA for this show. Not only to see your work in person but to support
in a moment that will, no doubt, be a bit nerve wracking (as things always are when a person puts their soul on display).

If you didn't know already, I adore all of your work and am contemplating daily where I will be hanging one of your paintings:)


mme. bookling said...

JSL at the art show? Upon my gracious word! Zipping over on a 10hr drive?! WOWZER.

Happy events indeed.

Mum said...

You KNOW I'd be there in a nanosecond if only I could. I'll bet I'm the only one here who gets a huge lump in her throat just thinking of missing it. But, I know it'll be fantastic because you and your wonderful friends will be there. You can bet my spirit will be hovering nearby. (probably somewhere near the dessert platter) KILYM

Devon said...

KC - I am so excited for you and all that you've accomplished. I think you will be amazingly rewarded by bearing your soul. Can't wait to come and support you!

AvenueFog said...

Mum, I think all of us who will be missing her show have a huge lump in our throats :-(

Luckily, I'm sending a love-n-support proxy!

lorenzstudio said...

Oh, I wish we were in the area, and I wish we could come.

Yes, on art shows, there's nothing quite like pouring your heart and soul into your artwork for family, friends and complete strangers to try and comprehend.

Just remember, only you can fully comprehend the true meaning of what you put on display. Others will interpret your paintings and titles and bio through their eyes, but you can delight in knowing that you've expressed yourself in a true and honest way that most people can not, and that is reason to delight in itself.