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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hello Friendlies.

Just in case you were wondering I have NOT been kidnapped and held for ransom this last week-plus of M.I.A. (although I do appreciate your concern!), but rather, Mr. BC and I have started a new part-time job (if that is what you want to call two people putting in a cumulative total of 90 hours in one week) managing our beautiful old building in exchange for free living. It is and will be a lot of work for the first two weeks, but after that, a great financial situation for us.

Believe me, I've missed myself.

All of that said, the only thing in my "real" life that I've been able to keep up on this past week is the truly amazing 30 Days of Self Group.

Oh my Lord,
You, friends, are amazing.

I though that today (one full week into the self-portrait challenge) I would be able to pick five or six photos with ease to post here but there have been over SEVENTY ridiculously fantastic images. Impossible to pick just a few. But I tried anyways because you really must see these!

Clockwise, from the upper left: The Laundress from Mme. Bookling. Splish Splash from The Noisy Plume. A pedibus usque ad caput from Mr. JW. Day 6 from C.Bradley.

Clockwise from the upper left: SP5 from Sweet Bee. 01 Sept from The Wind Hover. 9/2 from Avenue Fog. Day 1... from Jaccalyn Korv.

An amazing week - we are off to a FIERCE start! Click here to see the rest of the group and keep the film rolling!


BC said...

So freaking crazy! 70+ pictures. You people are insane. I managed to get 2 up (that's pretty good for me). I'll try to get more because I really am inspired by the amazing stuff people are posting.

*runs off to get the camera*

John said...

*runs off to get the camera, realizes doesn't own a camera, runs back defeated, sits down at laptop, realizes meant to be working, closes Umber Dove and everything else unrelated to work and goes to sleep at desk.*

UmberDove said...

Oh you boys....

AvenueFog said...

Oh my, this has been so fun to have a daily "chore" that is for no other purpose than to be creative. That's probably an odd thought to you, but to a slave to the machine like me, it's a blast!

Thank you for yet another fine contribution to my life!

Oh - I have an idea or two should there be further 30 day assignments!

Melissa said...

It has been great fun thus far. I am finding that I work best completely alone (though I think I knew this deep inside already).

I have ideas bubbling over... I can't wait to see them come to fruition.

thewindhover said...

I have loved it so much; glimmers of such wonderfully interesting and unpredictable souls.. thank you for initiating it dear dove!