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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Show

Hi friends. So I'm sure you're wondering about that show that I mentioned last week, that I was all up in tangles about. Well it's finally time for a story.

The opening went wonderfully, my work was transported and displayed without event (yeah!), I had great hair (I sent up a special prayer of thanks, 'cause come on, you know how the cooperativeness of your hair can really make or break a fragile mood) and I fell in love with my amazing friends and my extraordinary husband all over again.

These women, these men I have met and grown to love as my family, the most true church I have ever known, all came out to support me. We drank bubbly (yes, with so much class, standing outside sipping straight from the bottle), we talked about my work, but more than anything, they all reminded me of the worth of my artwork and why I paint. I love you guys and as usual, words fail to express my gratitude and joy.

During the opening I was able to share the stories of my work with friends and strangers, to find common ground and explain some of the lessons I have learned from the trees, from solitude and from my paint. This sharing, this exchange of story and learning, is really the purpose of my work and anytime I know the connection has been made with another human I feel blessed beyond words.

A couple of other opportunities have already risen from the opening on Friday night and I feel so positive about my work and the direction it has been taking. So thank you all, for you well wishes, your prayers and energy, your support and your love. You will never know just how much I appreciate you.


John said...

Kelly, first of all I LOVE 'Out of My Destiny.' It's a fantastic aesthetic and I would like it in my office. So do another one exactly the same right now and send it to me. ;-) I'm very glad the opening night went well - Melissa and I tried to call you on the night - we were thinking about you. Oh, and I understand when you say "the most true church" you've known; I look forward to having that conversation with you at some point! Well done, your work is great.

AvenueFog said...

I am so proud of you, Honey. You're brilliant and it's about time the world knows it.

mme. bookling said...

so much gratitude - so much humility - so much talent - so little expectation placed on others.

these things i cherish in you.

it was a privledge to see your work displayed as it finally should be...for all to see.

Melissa said...

I wish I could have been there! I was supporting you from afar though.

I would love to hear more of the stories behind your work. So very inspiring.

Mmm... beautiful art, bubbly, friends... I can't think of anything better.

jordan said...

i REALLY would like to see more of your artwork...i mean, like i said before, i love your pillows, but your paintings...they make me feel something. they're kind of dark and misty but comfortable and warm all at the same time. that makes no sense, but all i'm saying is that if i could see more, i would be a very happy girl. biggest congrats on the show going off without a hitch. take care lady!

UmberDove said...

Thank you all my friends. I really mean it.

jordan - you make perfect sense, because that is how my soul feels most of the time. I will share more, thank you so much for asking, for pushing.

mme. bookling said...

"they make me feel something."

oh, so exactly.

catholicbeer said...

I miss having a home that garnishes your art...

Jean said...

It was a privilege to get to be there and drink in your gorgeous opportunity to know you better by partaking of something so personal. You are beautiful, just like your paintings!
Thank you so much.

Devon said...

It was so thrilling to come to your first show in Seattle. It was amazing and perfect. Next stop: a gallery with hard wood floors and large, white walls.

And yes, you did have fabulous hair :)