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Thursday, January 1, 2009

The reason why I know...

It's gonna be an amazing year.  And let me tell you why.  It's not because I rang in 2009 surrounded by my beautiful friends, drinking amber bubbly and eating way too much fondue (or really, fon-don't in this case, the taste was great but the cheese was questionable!  You should never need a knife to cut your fondue, that's for sure).  It's not because we sang karaoke, BC and I belting out Billie Jean while dancing like fools and sharing a mike (and nope, neither of us sounds the least bit like Michael Jackson but we do know every word to that song).  It's not because I felt fabulous in my new purple dress with my big bright yellow heels and matching plum colored tights.  No, all those things helped, but the reason I know 2009 will be amazing is this:

At 1:30 am, January 1st 2009, my BC walked the 1/2 mile and back under the dripping Seattle fog to the corner market that never closes (it's the dirtiest little city market around but with the best advertising scheme ever) to buy me a bottle of Nyquil.  My bones ached, my whole face hurt and my voice (without the ability to breathe through my nose) sounded like a chubby bunny contest winner.  And my man showed me selfless love first thing in 2009.  THAT is why I know.

He is a good man.

So Happy New Years my friends, I hope you rang in 2009 well.  I've much to say about this upcoming year but right now, there are fluffy white tissues and a nubby blue blanket calling my name.


olivefarm said...

How lovely =)

It still amuses me that some people spent their New Years in freezing weather while here down under we're pretty much permanently living on the beach.

BC said...

Ah, I couldn't have you up and sneezing, coughing all night, now could I? You needed some NyQuil for sure! Besides, on the way back I got to laugh at drunken idiots stumbling down the street. Who wouldn't want to see that?

(Hehe, word verfication: nymple)

thewindhover said...

Oh you are a blessed woman to have the ever-capable BC around! I can just see you both now in the freezing cold (did I mention you can take some of this Australian heat with you?). After a lazy, pleasantly warm NY's eve I made sure I was in bed before 12pm even though that didn't really happen... there were mosquitoes to kill in our room; and I guess Clancy showed his chivalrous masculinity in killing them with his shoe (but that's another story). Happy new year dear dove! I think it will be a brilliant year too.

The Noisy Plume: said...

Get better Umberly.
And then once you're better, come on a holiday to Idaho. We'll cruise through the timber on skinny skis.