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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Friday Confessinal: Friday November 6th

*** (this photo is here for a reason, promise - see below) ***

Confession Number 754: I am a terrible lookie-loo. I don't mean to be, but I see such amazing sights and want to really SEE them and I sorta forget everything I'm doing in order to give said sight my full attention. Here's what I'm talking about:

Last weekend as we drove home on All Hallow's Eve I nearly caused my husband to crash our car three times. Each time it went something like this:
Talking talking, mid-sentence...
Silence and WHIP CRACK my head around to look at something outside the window
[BC breaks hard to ensure we're not about to be run down by the ghost train]
"What? What?"
"No, it's okay" I say, "it was just a huge Elk cow standing right over there. I just wanted to look at her. Keep driving, it's cool."


"No, no, I'm sorry, I did it again, didn't I? There was just a buck on the shoulder and he hardly flinched as we drove past. He was beautiful, but yeah, no, keep going, everything is okay."


"Oh! I thought I saw a bobcat! But it's gone now, don't worry about it."

It makes him a little crazy when I do this, but I really can't help myself. Plus my eyesight is better so I figure I should look double and then I can tell him about it. Plus I'm an artist so I tell myself that it's Important and Necessary for me to look at anything that could possible one day inspire me (like today). So maybe this isn't so much a confession today as it is a justification. Yeah. That's right.

*** Thank God I now live in a town with a population of only 3000! I was innocently driving my car along when the neon moose yelled at me (You! Take my picture! Now!) so I obediently rolled my car to a quick stop in the very middle of the road, rolled down the window, hung out from the torso up and took a whole series of neon and fog. Hallelujah, praise be, I was not run down by any angry hipsters in hybrids! ***


BC said...

It's dangerous I tell you.

Melissa said...

Ha! I do the same thing. An added bonus is that when I am giving directions I get my lefts and rights mixed up (some say this, my lack of direction sense and the way I reverse letters is a type of dyslexia... that's my excuse). For example -

"JOHN! I said go left!" while pointing with my right hand.

It's not dangerous... it's endearing :)

UmberDove said...

EXACTLY M! We're endearing! Love us for our adorable quirks!

jordan said...

BHAHAHAAH i do the lefty/righty thing too. only i usually do it with east/west or north/south. steve gives me shit all the time because everytime i give someone directions using n/s/e/w i screw it up....whoops!!
and i'm also a horrible starer. i LOVE to people watch, and i don't necessarily think it's rude although i'm sure it makes some people uncomfortable (my husband included). oh well! you learn a lot about people from watching ;)

Mum said...

I'm wondering where the pics of the moose are?

Wait a minute.
Were you just messing with us?
I'm really going to need to see some wildlife.

oh, oh, oh...I get it now!
God, I am so slow...jeez

thewindhover said...

This made me laugh so much... I do the same thing in the car all the time. Usually at shapes in the clouds :p

Changing with Time said...

My boyfriend is terrified when i drive during sunsets. LOL! I have a tendency to stare at clouds too. I also drift off at red lights just staring up at the sky watching the clouds. Or on a breezy day watching the trees dance, listening to the leaves. Actually my boyfriend is terrified anytime i drive.

UmberDove said...

Changing - well it's no wonder with the Florida sunsets! I think every time I'm down there I end up stumbling around with my mouth open and eyes lifted for the hour+ that is sunset!