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Monday, December 14, 2009

An Epic Battle and a Grand UmberDove Winner

The lines have been drawn.
The names have been written.
The jar has been filled.
May the last name still standing (on the desk) win!

The gladiators size each other up, paunches tensed, strategizing.

The first blow is landed!

Through his superior size, Marcus Thai-us wins the first match.

The hunt for a winner (and cat nip, and greenies) is on!

He wastes no time weeding out the week.

Until Maximus Sing-amus regains the pit and takes up his own fight against the paper names.

The tiny folds fall under his claws.

There is no mercy.

But then the victor reveals herself, last paper standing, to great cheers and applause.



Miss Good Girl, drop me an email at with the name of the print you would like as well as the address you'd like it shipped to and I'll send it out pronto!


Because the kitty boys are generally generous sorts (unless we're talking tuna, then it's each for his own) they decided to give a second prize, ONE SET OF THE PHANTOM POSTCARDS WHICH SHOULD BE ARRIVING ANY SECOND NOW** to the soggiest name (eew):


Elly, drop me an email as well and I'll pop those postcards in the mail for you just as soon as they arrive!


And to all my reader-friends who have come out and supported me in the last week, I really can't even thank you enough! You have each, individually, made my days, put a huge smile on my face, encouraged me in this business, and strengthened my faith.

but I'll say it anyways,

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


emmy d said...

I must say, just seeing the pics of the kitty-boys duking it out over the papers was winner enough!

MrsLittleJeans said...

O My, those kitties are just precious, and congrats to the lovely winners too! So happy you now have dos shops... : )

UmberDove said...

hee hee, the boys are soOOooo obliging!

I even double-stick-taped the winning paper onto Thai head and all he did was resent me for about 30 seconds (until I produced more greenies, then he said "cool, you can stick anything to me as long as you keep the treats flowing!").

They really are the best.

Mum said...

What a great ending to an exciting drawing!!

Thai and guys are so adorable. I suspect you'll find extra catnippies in your stockings come Christmas!

Kim said...

Fun and super cute post. :) Congrats to the winners!

she said...

lucky girls!

Desiree Fawn said...

Congrats to the winners ^_^ So fun!

Elaine said...

how in the world do you manage to get your kitties to help AND stay still for the pictures?! congrats to the winners!

BC said...

I hate to say it, but our cats are ridiculously easy to persuade with treats. That, and we pretty much smother them all the time so they are accustomed to stupid pet tricks.

jennifer lorton said...

Love the scientific approach to picking a winner.

The Noisy Plume: said...

Congrats girls!!!

Good Girls Studio said...

Looove the epic battle! Now to pick out my print :){squeals} Happy early Birthday to me !

Joyful said...

That was a super cut posting and a wonderfully creative way of finding the winners :-) Merry Christmas to you.

CrowNology said...

Great story! Love the expression in the first pic. No fun and games, these draws!
Love your work and blog.