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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Peace and Tidings

1. Whip up 3 gallons of flippin' fantastic carmel corn (check)
2. Wrap the last of the presents (almost check)
3. Load new audio book onto Mr. IPoddy-McPoderkins - that's really his name. (check)
4. Hand-wash my lady-wear (procrastinating)
5. Last and final post office trip before Christmas (check)
6. Pack (yeah right, we don't leave for another 15 hours - plenty of time)

And just like that, Christmas is upon us!

I'll be spending mine in the warm embrace of family, with steaming mugs of hot cocoa, with stories read in my father's voice, with handmade gifts given and received, with sticky buns straight from the oven (please and thank you Mums!), with crackling fires and card games, with the scent of pine and the blue of a California sky.

And for you my friends,
I wish you the best and brightest,
the most merry
of all.

Sending love and light to
one of you,
however you celebrate this season,
- Umber


i n a l u x e said...

Have a sensational christmas Kelly! By the sounds of it - you have it all covered! awesome. :) All the bestest for the new year too! Cheerio for now... off to try and ool down in this heat. So strange isn't it?! Freezing on one side, hot on the other. ahhhh the world we live in. xo Kristina

mme. bookling said...

wow. you have a big mouth

jordan said...

what a loverly post ;) it's lookin like xmas here that's for sure; a few inches of new snow, sparkly and pure white...lots of gifts under my tree (and some on the couch too), gearing up to make more peanut brittle, listening to jazzy xmas music on the tv...LOVE this time of year. love that you're looking forward to stories read by your daddy. that's always been one of my best things too.
all the best

emmy d said...

Have a very Merry and lovely Christmas!

(How is the carmel popcorn?? I read that recipe too...must try!)

Nancy*McKay said...

...and there's a part of you...right nyc...most BRIGHT...with LOVE!

Good Girls Studio said...

Sounds like some lovely plans! Merry Christmas! I'll be spending my mine by my parents fire with kin snuggled close by & Frank watching from above :) (he made it safe & sound & is quite happy here! THANK You!XoXo's!

she said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS kella bella!

Desiree Fawn said...

HAPPY HAPPY holidays to you & yours!!

Kim said...

Sounds like a wonderful beautiful time you'll have. Merry Christmas, Kelly!

Nancy*McKay said...

...EAT...DRINK...DANCE...sleep...& BE MERRY!!!

Shell (aka Songsmith) said...

Blessing you dear Dove. Merry Christmas.

BC said...

Emmy D - go make that caramel popcorn, NOW! It's amazing and worth the effort. We gave out jars of it with presents and it was gone instantly.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Ooh, that sounds like a good way to spend those golden moments - Have an incredible New Year, too :)


The Noisy Plume: said...

1. I want a Christmas with you sometime...
2. I love it when you wear your dove wings.
3. I also want to ride a humpback whale with you sometime with sea stars in our hair.
4. XO

Michele said...

Do you and Jillian shop for socks together?

By the way ... your love of color is rubbing off on me. I bought a chartreuse sweater and wore it with a purple t-shirt. Ha!

Michaela Dawn:Windy Woman said...

Snail mail brought in a sweet-tweet greeting card from you to ours!

You darling you!

UmberDove said...