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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The house is so quiet I can hear the buzz of the radiators
The sky offers watery bands of light through a milky gray haze
They break on the white-tipped grass and slide down ivy colored trunks
I feel a bit in a fog myself (12 hour drives will do that to you)
But I'm enjoying the stillness before torrent.

When the crunch of gravel welcomed us home (late, late Sunday night)
I was reminded, yet again, of just how much I have to give thanks for
I could easily begin that list and keep on shouting my thanks for days
What I really want to say
Right here
And right now
Is Thanks to

You, fabulous reader-friends, continually make my days a little bit brighter
Encourage me when I most need it
Make me laugh and snort into my coffee cup
Cause me to marvel and remember the beauty of humankind.

When I began this blog (truly, honestly, I only expected me mum to be reading)
I had no idea the friendships it would lead me to find,
Across town, across this continent, and across the earth
And for that I have no more words
Other than
Thank You
You really do mean the world to me.

Oh yeah.
One more thing:

Paul Bunyan agrees. We're tight like that.

Yeah, that really is the same booted foot in both photos! Trees of Mystery and Paul Bunyan? Sigh, I really do miss California somedays!


MrsLittleJeans said...

I love the welcoming crunch of gravel...good to see you back! I too am thankful for all the special friendships this and other blogs have offered. Welcome back!


BC said...

That Paul Bunyan pic is so awesome. Win.

Mum said...

Oh, man...
I really must dig around and find my photo of a little four year old UmberDove sitting on Paul Bunyan's boot.
Glad you guys made it home safely!