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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Glee List



Waking up to no less than 1557 new emails (ok, totally less than that) ALL from the feistiest sisters of soul who had me snorting and belly laughing before the tea kettle whistled.
Wearing pink corduroy pants I found thrifted earlier this week with a bright green cardigan and realizing I had sneakers that matched perfectly (yes. pink and green VELCRO. sweet).  It was so matchy matchy I had to complete the look with a hot raspberry-pink-pumpkin beanie.  I looked like a strawberry pistachio swirl, which suited my mood just fine. ** side note: do you dress according to mood?  I find that some days I need to change half way through the day just to accommodate a sudden need for more mustard or less cobalt.**
Eating the first nibbles of venison jerky from the very heart and soul of Montana.  Don't tell my vegetarian self, but THAT was some tasty flesh. 
Booking plane tickets to Seattle for next week to see her.  There will be breakfast out and we'll be splitting the eggs benny.
Opening my mail box and finding a Polaroid of so much greenery all the way from Australia.  And hoping to hug the bones of the one who sent it oh so soon.
Receiving pictures of four more legs that will be joining our family in less than two weeks.  I'm already weak in the knees.  HE'S SO CUTE I MIGHT EAT HIM.  I'm going to try really hard not to, but ohmygosh!  More on that later...

What's on you list?
I'll be waiting to hear!

Not on the "glee list" necessarily BUT I'll be receiving Chemo Infusion Number 6 in just a few short hours, on Thursday November 3rd.  Six down, only two more to go!  Rounding the curve and racing toward the finish line!  HiyyyYA!


Trista Anodei said...

I absolutely need to change according to mood. Frequently. This morning, for instance, I needed to wear lemon yellow. This afternoon was pale grey.

My glee: finding goodies for my (soon-to-be) etsy shop; discovering I actually quite like kombucha, despite the long time spent on the impression it was pure poison; new four-legged furrychild (we've had our second for two weeks now and she sleeps in the bed with us which is, after our siamese, more than a small miracle).

UmberDove said...

Mmmn yes, lemon yellow, absolutely. I concur. On that as well as the furrychild, and the fact that I like a warm kitty boy in bed kind of how I like a heaty pad during the winter up against my belly.

Anonymous said...

I think that only two more radiation rounds left is definitely something to be dancing for joy about there lovely lady! Dance Gleefully I say!!!!

On my list this morning:
-laughing at your pink hot! cothing I could/would wear...though I do have a pair of mustard cords and burgundy...mmmm....burgundy!
-so excited about your four legged family member
so in love with our little canine guy, Oh so cute, and love how he has affected our family as a whole
-the awesome blue sky this moring
-the sliver of the moon that me and my youngest wondered at in the early light of day
-work...a busy day today give and to receive

Today I will be thinking of you....sending you much love and light

and YES I so dress according to my poor husband!!! ; ) lol

love and light and prayers

Lynn said...

you inspire me! thank you for this post and reminding me to look towards the glee! also - PINK CORDS is what! so awesome. I do love a good variety of choices, be it clothing, perfume and especially shower products. so fun to match your mood to your outward essence of the day!

mme. bookling said...

Oh I am so relieved. When I saw "glee" I thought you were going to tell me you were addicted to that gawd-awful annoying show.


I have a great many things on my glee list.

- A new friend we made at the bar last night...a sweet artist with no ability to market themselves. Thinking joel and i should open a marketing firm for artists.
-Everything you said
-This falafel sandwhich from the cafeteria downstairs
-A job where drinking way too much Bulliet Bourbon last night doesn't really matter too much. Hung over at work is a new thing for me. I'm evolving :(
-Knowing exactly which shoes you are referencing
-Seeing your face, knowing that half of my unsettlement in the new abode is b/c you've not FengShui'd it.
-Making up words.

May the universe bless you today.

Mum said...

What a wonderful post to come home to after a long day of herding beads...

You already know I dress for my moods.
For example...In the last week I have pretty much worn my black and orange Giants duds to show the enORMOus Baseball-Love I have for my team! (who, for anyone who might not know, WON the World Series on Halloween!!!)

But, I find I change my jewelry during the day to fit my moods more than I change my clothes. Actually, the jewelry I'm wearing often dictates my clothing choices.

my Glee list*
-the way that saying the word glee in a very gleeful way makes your shoulders rise up!
-the way my little lovable four legged runs to meet me and hops on his hind legs while greeting me with his cute toothy smile.
-tonight's gorgeous clouds just before sunset...they stopped me in my tracks with their beauty.

I hope that the infusion went quickly and event-free today and, that you are enjoying your evening in joyful anticipation of what tomorrow may bring your way.


cbumpmax said...

Would that I had the ability to make multiple wardrobe changes throughout the day. As it is I barely got out of my jammies today and then only because I was soaked with bathwater and covered in prunes.

I too am awaiting the arrival of a four legged creature, critter, rug rat to be specific...should be on all fours by Christmas.

My Glee list today consists mostly of sounds: the dishwasher and washing machine going means I'm done with chores, the babbling coming from JT is mamamamamamamama, and the peels of laughter coming from MQ as I chase him around are music to a mother's ears.

Hope all went well today. Rest well.

Lizzy Derksen said...

(These days, I find myself dressing so as to emulate the feeling of being safe in bed, when I have to be going to school.)

You're almost done, still as gorgeous and profound as ever!

Connie said...

what a lovely collection of beautiful things

Bisquit said...

Impressive, you held out long enough. Hubby said, "Do you know Umber is talking about MY JERKY?" giggle, giggle?