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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just a Handful of Reasons

For family who treks the long and winding roads to celebrate our togetherness, family who pours heart and joy into the creation of a meal, family who laughs and hugs and hopes and prays for each other.  For family who consistently loves, deeply and ever unconditionally.  For my tiny family: my BC (always, always), my kitty boys who give the best mojo, for Sancho-pup who is already joy-therapy.

Thanksgiving table

For the bounty of this life and the hindsight to see that this place I reside is exactly where I am meant to be.  For knowing that I have purpose, and knowing that I'm forging my own path through the jungle of life that has never been walked in exactly the same way before.


For health and positivity, for my ten fingers (honest - this is a thanks I give consistently), for only one more round of chemotherapy, for being encouraged to use the lessons laid before me to dig deeper into soul-territory, to find new kindness, to find new hope.


For you, for this place where we have met, for the incredibly real and rich and rewarding relationships I have found through this blog.  For the way you have heard my words, supported my hands and helped me thrive in a season that could have gone in so many different directions.

And these are just a few of the reasons I give thanks.

- Umber


kerin rose said...

we all have lessons to teach each other....we are here in this earthwalk at the same time for a reason....

so, merci, merci, merci...

to the universe
to you
to crossing paths


Lynn said...

oh this is such a lovely and loving post! thank YOU for giving me so many sighs, double sighs. ♥

lulu said...

your evening looked lavishly divine!! positively wonderful.


mme. bookling said...

i am jealous of your cuisine. table looks gorgeous.

i'm very thankful for your health.

calamityjane(t) said...

what a lovely post.
i, too, am very thankful for your health.

Desiree Fawn said...

What a beautiful post <3

(Also, my partner is dying to know what that bun type thing is?? And how to make it?)

Anonymous said... you
beautiful sentiments
gorgeous table setting
is there anything more?

Thankyou for you

love and light

UmberDove said...

oh ladies! thanks be returned like a boomerang!

And Desiree - here's the link:

Sybil Ann said...

The best reasons.

jordan said...

i love you umber. happy (belated) american thanksgiving!

UmberDove said...

Sybil - xox

Jordan - I adore you too lady. One of these days we'll get to hug it out, I promise.

Snailentina said...

love you! those pictures are amazing.