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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A quick extension of the GIVEAWAY!

Good Tuesday to you Post-Holiday Birds!

A very quick note to say I've had to postpone the official declaration of a winner in the CELEBRATION GIVEAWAY until tomorrow, Wednesday December 29th.  That said, if you've not left a comment entering yourself and sharing what you're celebrating, then hustle those little mousey-pointer-fingers down the computer screen and leave me a comment (as I'm extending the deadline until midnight tonight)!

Supah Tighty.
- Umber -


cbumpmax said...

This December I have been celebrating childhood. As adults there's always that first Christmas that's a big letdown as your parents decide you've grown out of the "lets still humor them" age. You are then left out in the cold on the doorstep of Christmas Eve with a $20 gift card and a pair of sensible socks.

With children around who are in the perfect window of age to catch the Christmas Spirit but not yet be jaded are the perfect reminder of where that excitement you remember as a child lives; which is why I am celebrating childhood and all the joy it brings to everyone involved on Christmas Day.

Bisquit said...

Thanks for the extension, I almost screwed the pooch on this one.

This year we are celebrating the multitude of options provided by the cabin, mostly back to the basics. Chopping and burning wood to keep warm, reading books, cheery guests, long sauna sweats, snow baths to cool off and champagne to seal the deal.

Wishing you and yours the best.
You are so peachy.

Anonymous said...

wow this time has just been a blur Kelly, not sure if I entered or not...
I will say this month was a celebration of age, freedom, awakenings, affirmation, parenthood, family,a special baby's birth so long ago and relationships.
wow writing that out makes me realize just how many things there was to celebrate and is to celebrate!

love and light to you lovely!

mary said...

hello miss. wanted you to know that my mom was over-the-top delighted with her little "dwell" stone that arrived just in time for xmas. when she first held it, she said, "i can feel the energy in my fingers! they're tingling!" mom is not one to go on about energy and such, but i did confirm that your art contains some powerful juju. :) thank you.

as for what i am celebrating, at the top of the list is the recovery of my loving nature, which had been underground for a few months. the first steps of my daughter and her burgeoning humor. an internship that is going well. another holiday spent with my 83 year old dad. and the best partner i could ask for. xo

MrsLittleJeans said...

the more appropriate question is what am I not celebrating? I am celebrating you, family that stands by me when I need them, friends that are around to give support and make laugh...every day that I do what I like to do...furr balls with a lot of personality! Wishing you a happy new year Miss Kelly! xoxo