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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Now I promised I wouldn't leave you without a little eye candy before I left for the salt waters of Tomales Bay and the chai at the Bovine Bakery, so here I am to deliver!
Taking Pause
Linen and Cotton, 12"x18"

One Fine Day
100% Linen (primarily reclaimed and recycled), 12"x18"

Long Walks in a Small Town: Teasel Edition
100% Linen  16"x16

These next three pieces are new delectables for me: Filled to the brim with organic buckwheat hulls and a hearty helping of organic lavender grown right here on my little stretch of the California coast, they weigh in with a satisfying heft and rustling that holds a bit of ocean magic.  In short, they smell like heaven.  Heaven in Provence with a sheer linen skirt and a broad brimmed hat and the scent of purple heady in the air.  Breath deep.  Then breath again.

Sleeping on Wings
100% Linen, 10"x14"
Filled with Organic Buckwheat Hulls and Organic Local Lavender

Everyone will be listed in the textile shop this afternoon!
After lunch that is.
As I'm dressed so fine in my new scarflace and matching sunny earings, BC just offered up a sushi date!  I'm a weak woman when it comes to the spicy tuna so I'm tugging on my Wellies and will be back shortly.
Ciao Bellas e Bellos!
I'm off to get my miso on!

~ P.S. ~
As a business side note, I DO accept reserves on any and all pieces I feature on my blog EXCEPT those expressly labeled "no reserves."  It's a first come-email, first served-reserved situation around here, so don't be shy if you know a bit of textile love belongs to you!  Drop me an Etsy Convo right here... 


Melissa said...

If that bunny was a jackelope I would have already reserved it...

just sayin'

Abigail Jasmine said...

beautifully wonderfully perfectly done!! gorgeous, girl!!

*hugs n' luv*

MrsLittleJeans said...

I know when I am better get back to that sewing machine gorgeous xoxo

Nancy*McKay said...

...Ditto MLJ...rev up that Singer sweety pie...

my Buck Runneth Over could use a springtime mate...
perhaps i can cover my tabletop in your hare(s)...

shame on mE...


thewindhover said...

Oh such such loveliness.